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Ultimate Thanksgiving

It's never too early to think about the year's biggest meal. We've gathered some our favorite Thanksgiving picks to help you start planning!

Pecan Pie: "Perfect, classic pecan pie. Easy to make and comes out just right and not too runny." -little_wing

Pecan Pie Recipe - - 20832

Butternut Squash Soup: "This soup is delicious! I substituted ground ginger, and it was still really tasty. I also microwaved the squash, which made it much quicker." -Elaine101 #UltimateThanksgiving

Stove Top Cheater Stuffing: "This tasted like my mom's homemade stuffing and I know how much work goes into that! I don't think I will make plain old Stove Top again. It was so easy to make this and it tastes homemade." -Karen=^..^= #UltimateThanksgiving

Doctored Boxed Stuffing Mix Recipes -

Mashed Potatoes: "So simple, so good. This is a great recipe for rich, delicious mashed potatoes. I've tried it with just a pinch of crushed garlic as well and this recipe tastes perfect." -Tex

Mashed Potatoes

Utterly Deadly Southern Pecan Pie: I've been making pecan pie for the holidays for about 35 years. I decided to give this one a try prior to the holidays (would hate to disappoint at Thanksgiving or Christmas). This has become my new pecan pie recipe! I love the gooey filling." -Lobstr89

Utterly Deadly Southern Pecan Pie

Best Pumpkin Pie: "This recipe tasted better than any pumpkin pie I've ever eaten. The filling was very creamy and perfectly spiced. I am thrilled at how it turned out and can't wait to impress my family with it." -Natalie Z

Best Ever Pumpkin Pie

Southern Buttermilk Biscuits: "These biscuits were exceptional: tender and moist. The instructions were easy to follow and clear, and my biscuits were perfectly golden brown after the stated 10 minutes." -Lennie #UltimateThanksgiving

Southern Buttermilk Biscuits
  • Jackie Grebby

    In the UK these are scones and eaten split and spread with either clotted or whipped thick cream plus jam as a key ingredient of a traditional cream tea.

  • Erin Abbott

    We have something we call scones that are sweetened, a little drier than a biscuit and eaten at breakfast. These biscuits shown here are salty and buttery, eaten with sausage & gravy, butter, or jam. Starbucks sells our version of scones, is it similar or called something different to what you are referring to?

Onion Mushroom Stuffing: "This is ooey gooey, just like I like my stuffing. I bought a couple of loafs of cheap white bread, which worked perfectly. I might have just sworn off all 'fancy' stuffings for good." -GayGilmore #UltimateThanksgiving

Thanksgiving Turkey Stuffing Recipes -

Menu for a Make-Ahead Thanksgiving: With a little bit of planning and this savvy Thanksgiving menu from member * Pamela *, you'll be free to relax with friends and family on the big day. #UltimateThanksgiving

10 Thanksgiving Menu Ideas And Recipes -

Menu for a Tropical Thanksgiving: In the mood for something different this year? Start a new Thanksgiving tradition by going island-style with your holiday menu. #UltimateThanksgiving

10 Thanksgiving Menu Ideas And Recipes -

Turkey Gravy: "This was actually the first time I didn't end up with lumpy gravy at Thanksgiving! This recipe is foolproof. The key is to slowly pour the broth in while constantly whisking. I even used gluten-free flour and it came out wonderfully." -Delicious as it Looks #UltimateThanksgiving

Turkey Gravy Recipe -

Learn How to Roast the Perfect Turkey: Moist and full of flavor, a perfectly roasted turkey is a dish that's worth mastering. Don't let turkey's star status intimidate you — follow this step-by-step guide to create the hit of your holiday table. #UltimateThanksgiving

How To Roast A Turkey -
  • Diane Henderson

    omg, really? this looked & sounded good, but do I really have to flip thru so many pages & ads to see the recipe? that is EXTREMELY annoying!

Thanksgiving Hosting Tip: Get Creative with Leftovers | Whew! Thanksgiving has come and gone, and your guests are still marveling over your kitchen know-how. Your reward? Leftovers! #UltimateThanksgiving

20 Thanksgiving Hosting Tips And Advice -