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The Food Mentalist

The Food Mentalist

Food & Lifestyle blog dedicated to sharing recipes, travelling adventures, restaurant,product & cider reviews. Healthy w/ the occasional indulgence.12WBTConvert

YES!!! Don't fall for the low-fat, no fat hype!! You're doing way more damage to your body not to mention you won't lose weight.

July 26...(prompt...3 gifts fresh) *the fresh feeling of rain drops on your face!! *the fresh smell of a rain storm brewing!! *the fresh veggies from the garden...washed off with a rain shower!! --Can you tell that today has been a rainy day?? And I didn't even mind it!!

Rain....looks like our Spring this year!! This so reminds me of home...dreary, rainy Oregon days!

Part 5: So y’all can take your narcissistic romanticizing and glamorizing of self harm and eating disorders and committing suicide and shove them as far up your butt as you possibly can. Starvation is not beautiful. Killing yourself is not beautiful. Sadness is not beautiful. This note I am writing is not beautiful. But you, you are beautiful and it’s about time you start believing it."

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And there is also no mercy for your carpet if the door is closed when I want breakfast!

Paleo Donuts (Gluten Free Grain Free Dairy Free)

  • Jen

    These are gluten free, but NOT Paleo. There is nothing Paleo about vegetable shortening...... swap it for coconut oil, and you're in business.

  • Lila Craig

    Oh definitely going to give this a shot...nom nom. If you want all the amazing health benefits of the Paleo Diet - including a flat stomach - younger skin and strong - lean muscles - but you're not sure what to eat each day? ==> http://www.paleocookbook180...

Real Food Girl | DIRTY DOZEN/CLEAN 15 | www.realfoodgirlu... The most and least pesticide contaminated fruits and vegetables!