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coat hangers from branches

Boston Cream Cupcakes.. Oh.My.Dear

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ahhhhhh the 90's!!! I feel so old...

  • Lana Adcock

    Melissa Joan Hart... Come on.

  • Heather Burnett Rowley

    LOL I know but they're referring to her show in the 90s called 'Clarissa explains it all' ;)

  • Jennifer Rivera

    Right you are my friend! Lana, Melissa played Clarissa. They are referring to the character she played, like how they mentioned Kimmy from Full House. Comprende? ;)

  • Lana Adcock

    Lord, I thought you meant they were mispronouncing her first name! My bad, to me, she's Sabrina

  • Isaac Brooks

    Oh how I miss 90s so much

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I haven't laughed this hard in a long time... Loki, Midgardian plants and kittens... Loki with that expression will never not be funny

I want a Savannah cat and I want it now…

  • Sara

    I have one. By far the best pet I've ever had. She's perfect and fits all those character traits!

this is the funniest effing thing i've ever read.

A hauntingly beautiful whale statue in the middle of the woods…all I see is one big Hitchhiker's reference!

Round of applause for this guy!

EVERY teacher needs to watch this 3 minute video. YOU make a difference! This is how every faculty meeting should start!!!! Every teacher should listen to this!!! : ) This made me cry!

  • Cat Rodriguez

    @Cora Kiene this made me think about you!!

  • Olivia Noffsinger

    Yeah, had a teacher say that to me once, ended up pissing my pants because I have a condition and she didn't believe me. Punishing every kid because half are evil isn't fair and not teaching anything positive.

  • Katie Belsher

    my sons teacher employed this rule, and yelled at him every time he asked to go to the bathroom. Until we learned that he has juvenile diabetes, and DID actually have to pee every 15 minutes because his body was trying to rid itself of deadly toxins. Think about that, teachers.