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the perfect idea or a 21st birthday gift! Someone get me this for my birthday :D lol

Hangover Kit 21st Birthday Idea . Make sure I have this for the next day :P

Growing up is when you stop being scared of villains and start wanting to have sex with them.

Truer words were never spoken #GrumpyCat #Meme

So TRUE!!!

Funny Tina Fey Quote - I wish I could trade my heart for another liver so I could drink more and care less

Him: When are you coming to bed? Her: If you let me pin a few more things, I'll let you pin me. Him: Take your time.

We have great sex and that is why I keep coming back to you.

The right person is still going to think the sun shines out of your

Being nice to people you don’t like is not being two-faced