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Awesome Manly Gift Ideas

Awesome manly gifts from around the net! Find more at

Get 500MB free high speed Internet per month with the Freedom Spot Mobile Hotspot. No contract, no commitment and no termination fees.

Bluelounge Soba zips loose cables up into a single tube that can be routed anywhere you have multiple cables running that you want to tidy up.

Levin Sol-Wing captures more sun than conventional solar panels, generates more electricity per panel, and uses less panels to produce the energy you need.

Enjoy luxurious loafing. Here's a hanging lounger that you can suspend on terrace, veranda or even over a lake and relax.

The Best Japanese Straight Razors www.apennyshaved.... While we make our bones with our interest in wet shaving through traditional European safety razors, sometimes you like to walk on the wild side and go for straight razors. We were surprised to find, though, that not all straight razors are created equal – the Japanese have their own variant, called kamisori (or simply “razor”), which have been around for some eight hundred years.

The Flowfold Ultra Slim Wallet is constructed from reclaimed carbon fiber racing sailcloth, "stronger than steel" and will stand the test of time.

Become mesmerized as the planets on the Orbit Planet Clock circulate around the sun while they tell time.

Everybody loves bacon! The sizzle, the scent, the mouth-watering taste. Introducing Perfect Bacon Bowl. Everything is better in a Bacon Bowl.

Godinger Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser

Do you like skating and biking? Now you can enjoy them both at the same time with this new sport.

A Review of the Gillette Fatboy www.apennyshaved.... Sometimes, the old ways are the best – we already know that with wet shaving, don’t we? All the same, we don’t even have to restrict ourselves to newer safety razors to get the job done right – true collectors love to grab the kinds of razors that actually existed in the 1950s and 1960s, just to get that little extra slice of authenticity.

Turn your boring spice rack into one that look like it was ripped off a table in a chemistry lab with the Chemist's Spice Rack. Move over Walter White!

Pioneer’s AppRadio 3 is the first car stereo to revolutionize the driver’s experience by bringing compatible apps to the dash for the ultimate experience.

This Star Wars R2D2 Projection Alarm Clock is probably the closest we can get to a hologram projecting R2D2.

Electric Bubblegum: The tiny low-cost electric skateboard by Andrew James — Kickstarter

Speaker Creatures are Bluetooth speakers for the shower! They are a reliable shower buddy designed to make rocking out in the shower so much better!

The Best Straight Razor Brands www.apennyshaved.... Finding a good straight razor can be really tough, especially if you’ve never shaved with one before. If you’ve been on your wet shaving journey, like I have, you probably started with one of those horrid, mass-produced Gillette numbers and moved to a safety razor after you realized just how awesome they can be.

The LM-10 Sweet Spot Lens for Mobile is Lensbaby's first lens designed specifically for mobile devices to create Lensbaby's signature depth-of-field look.

myTask BIKE is a lightweight and slim bike tool and patch kit that no biker can be without. Incorporating 18 bike-specific repair tools into an iPhone case.

Clever, whimsical, and kind of genius, Made by Dad has 67 unique projects that will turn any dad with DIY leanings into a hero that his kid(s) will adore.

What’s the Best Safety Razor? www.apennyshaved.... Finding the best safety razor can be a challenge, so we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Here’s a comprehensive chart of some of the best on the market. Check it out.

Vebo reduces kitchen messiness by allowing you to boil, steam, and strain your veggies in just one bag.