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Awesome Manly Gift Ideas

Awesome manly gifts from around the net! Find more at

Made of aerospace grade titanium, the Mako Bike Tool, named after one of the fastest shark species, will be the best bicycle tool that you have ever owned.

With the big and full color touch screen, setting up the Securifi Almond router and range extender couldn’t be easier. You no longer have to boot up your PC and connect to the Securifi Almond. All this can be done from the intuitive touch interface itself

Monitor your health and wellness with the Spire - the health monitor that inspires you to take care of yourself, one breath at a time.

Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit

The Leonardo Da Vinci catapult model is scaled to size and fully functions to demonstrate the launching power of the catapult, a historical military device.

The bem wireless Speaker Trio is a trio of wireless speakers you can place anywhere around your home for perfectly synchronized music that you can control remotely.

The Ion Go Pad is a folding, fully-functional gaming pad great for throwing in your purse, briefcase or backpack. A great companion to your laptop computer.

Hide your cash, jewelry, and other valuables in plain sight! Use the Pepsi Bottle Safe Stash Bottle to keep your valuables safe in plain sight!

Clomm watches with 7 unique faces: Oak, Rosewood, Cork, Black Ceramic, White Ceramic, and Malachite

Collar Perfect is the only ironing device designed for the on-the-go lifestyle and made for any touch up or conventional ironing needs.

Mr. Lentz Slim Leather Wallets are rugged and built to last, made with solid brass - nickel plated rivets and constructed from the finest US leather.

A moisture-retaining ceramic pot that cooks food as steam is slowly released, preserving all the flavors and nutrients while reducing the need for cooking oil.

SlimClip Case is the solution for the design minded iPhone 5/5s user who desires a minimal modern case with clip-on functionality.

Rack and Pour bottle rack systems hold liquor bottles upside down and dispense precise shot sizes through measuring heads which are inserted into bottles.

The Barbecue Pit Mitt is made of aramid fibers to form a barrier preventing heat from entering the soft cotton inner layer for ultimate protection.

SaddleBaby – child Shoulder Carrier, Original This is pure genius. if you ever carry your kids on your shoulders you know it isn't very comfortable in the long run. This is a child carry shoulder seat built like a saddle with security straps. This is one smart gift for dad!

Breville Best Home Espresso Maker - Forgo the morning mud swilling that is the typical cup of Joe – elevate your status to that of cappuccino, and latte aficionado. Embrace the Zen-like experience of brewing your own espresso shots,

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