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Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor Not a Rider of Rohan. It's funny because I grew up watching LOTR and didn't even recognize Karl at first in Star Trek.

leverage. I love when Parker is attempting to be consoling.

Looking at you, Tom Hiddleston.

I love Patrick Stewart so very much.

There may come a day where i don't pin great mouse detective/Sherlock art, but it is not this day.

Best. News. Ever. - both that the Hollow Crown series is doing another run AND that we get Cumberbatch this time around. BBC, just take my soul already.

Before Divergent | After Divergent

Bradley's "I forgot my lines..." face :D | I love these guys so much! ♥

Sherlock is the most frustrating obsession ever. Benedict... why must you be so charming and, well, beautiful! :(

Tom Hiddleston & Benedict Cumberbatch.

Even hedgehogs love this man's face.

Only a Whovian would laugh out loud at this!

Benedict Cumberbatch is adorable.

How To Know If Benedict Cumberbatch Dressed Himself Today…