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7 fruits and vegetables that can be re-grown from scraps

The interest in starting vegetable gardens has sky rocketed in recent years. Starting a vegetable garden is possible for anyone, even if you do not have a yard for a vegetable garden. This guide will help.

Keep nails clean when gardening -Slide your fingernails across soap to prevent dirt from collecting underneath!

How To Make A Bubble Fountain

Household plants need nourishment, particularly in the dead of winter when sunlight is limited. Plants love starch, save the water you boiled your potatoes in, let it cool and use it to water your household plants. Do the same with the water you use to boil eggs to feed calcium!

How to Propagate Roses Using Potatoes (i had no idea this was possible, such a cool tip!!!)

Do you want beautiful spring blooms? Fall is the time to plant your flower bulbs!

"If you're not exactly a plant whisperer, club soda will change your life! Give it to your plants to quench their thirst. The nutrients in club soda (sodium citrate and potassium sulfate) will help enrich the soil. Like steroids for your plants - but without the chemicals."

How to Keep Your Plants in Bloom with Deadheading!

6 Things that'll keep bad bugs out of your garden

8 House plants that are easy to keep alive

this is seriously the easiest way to garden. never bend over, great for older people with bad knees, never pull weeds. how to build it and what to plant on link.

Step by step instructions for making a fountain out of a regular pot