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Everything I need to set up a basic B&W film photo developing lab.

Film. Cameras. Black and White. Developing. Random light media stuff.

Kodak 1408988 HC-110 Black/White Film Developer $12

Adorama Ultra Universal Plastic Film Developing Tank $25

Adorama Ultra Universal Plastic Film Developing Tank DL6041

I could put my own photos on this scarf with my enlarger. This is amazing. Amazing.

HOW COOL IS THIS! Its a Sunprints Cyanotype you make pictures with the sun or an enlarger!!! HOW COOL!

This is another plastic developing tank. Its whatever.

This is a plastic tank and reel set. It works for developing, obs, but it is less durable than the steel ones and will eventually have to be replaced. $25

This is a giant tank. It develops 4 reels at once. Its big. $30.

This is a tank for developing. Light tight and durable $15

This is a film reel, which you need when developing film. I like the steel ones better than the plastic ones because they are much more durable and you cant really break them. However they are more expensive at $7.