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Big Process Art: Rainbow Ice Painting - Twodaloo

Big Process Art: Rainbow Ice Painting - Twodaloo

Beat the heat with some Summer Sensory Play! Shaving Cream Ice Paint was such a colorful and FUN way to cool off and explore our senses.

Sensory Activity:Frozen Paint Discs in water table with shaving cream. Kids loved it! They loved mixing the colors, making purple goop. Which led to let's add water, then they had bubbles what kid doesn't like bubbles! Last, they poured water down the slide. This activity is great on many levels. They had to work together, they practiced using the hose which helps strengthen little hands. It was great!

Sensory Water Table with Dandelions (",)

Sensory Spring Water Table - The Pleasantest Thing

A good use for our water table when its cool enough to go outside but when I'd rather Will not waste so much water playing

Sensory Tub Painting - No Time For Flash Cards

Handprint Valentine Tree...

Kitchen Floor Crafts: Foolish Tortoise Painted Rocks

Kitchen Floor Crafts: Foolish Tortoise Painted Rocks

Bubble whisking with color!! Fun preschool sensory activity.

Bubble Bin Sensory Play - No Time For Flash Cards

toddler crafts flower pot Good winter project in the garage for when those flower pots are not in use.

Leaf Hammering Tutorial

Leaf Hammering Tutorial

Leaf Glitter: These dimensional drawings are made using leaves from your yard, lending them the subtle colors of late autumn. With a pencil, sketch a simple shape on card stock. A design with just a few lines and lots of space works best. Collect dry leaves in a bag and crush them into small pieces with your hands. Draw over the pencil lines with glue, then sprinkle on the leaf pieces. Let the glue dry, then gently tap the paper to remove any loose pieces.

Fun Crafts Made With Autumn Leaves

leaf butterfly toddler craft - use stick for body and smaller sticks for antennas (nature day)

toddler craft for valentines day

Simple Heart Craft For Toddlers

Valentines Day Toddler Craft

{from An Everyday Story} A Scented Treasure Basket for Toddlers: A deliciously sensory treasure basket with sachets of star anise, cardamon pods, cinnamon sticks, coriander seeds and whole nutmeg. Mixed with gorgeously textured materials, this little sensory basket is very inviting for little toddlers.

A Scented Treasure Basket for Sarah

Baked Cotton Balls and Cotton Ball Sensory from Fun at Home with Kids

Baked Cotton Balls and Cotton Ball Sensory

fun outdoor activity! "exploration collage" using contact paper - sensory (different textures), fine motor, gross motor for reaching/placing on upright board

Kids Crafts: Collages - Think Crafts by CreateForLess

Printing With Newspaper

Printing With Newspaper -

Pick up the worms(pipe cleaners) with the bird beaks (clothes pins) Great fine motor practice!

Fine Motor Skills - PreKinders