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Micro tat

heart fish... could be a cute tattoo

XO tattoo, the Weeknd inspired

Snowflake. Represents being yourself, unique, and different from others. @Annie Keller

My Manta Ray Gills tattoo. Got it done last night, May 27, 2011, by Chris at 808 Tattoo, Oahu HI. I freaking love them! They go perfectly with my Poseidon’s Trident tattoo

Sailor moon crisis tattoo by JapChrissy82.devi... on @deviantART Looks a little funny because I just put some creme on it... I never wear my wedding ring because I work with acrylics at work (dental lab). So I wanted to get something so I didnt have to wear my ring anymore.

Sailor moon crisis tattoo by JapChrissy82 on deviantART

Little fox tattoo by UnearthlyDreams.d... on @deviantART

Little fox tattoo by UnearthlyDreams on deviantART

tiny rose flash tattoo

crescent moon tattoo. love the size and the placement

The Norse god Loki when he changed himself into a horse. I find it interesting this was one of his favorite forms to take when making trouble. Even more interesting is the fact that Norse horses are actually a type of large pony. I guess the vikings understood ponies well. ;)

Some of the best childhood movies…

Some of the best childhood movies…

Spirit Fox by Kirikizu

deviantART: More Like Japanese Fox by PanHesekielShiroi

My fox by ~Orphen-Sirius on deviantART

My fox by Orphen-Sirius on deviantART

Walking fox tattoo idea

Best Ideal Tattoos | Latest Tattoos

Very simple fox tattoo

Fox Tattoo by killthedrummer on deviantART