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Mini tattoos

I don't really like big tattoos, but I just love tiny tattoos with attitude...;)

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Mini tattoos

  • 1,367 Pins

This is the inspiration for the tattoo on my back. The triskele, three spirals radiating from a common center - is one of the most popular, and ancient symbols of our time. Because the triskele is often drawn using one continuous line, it has come to represent the unending and continuous movement of life. It's progress and flowing energy. I love it.

FILOSOFIA ESOTÉRICA: Triskle, Triskele, Triskel, Triskelion

Emma Dime portfolio

Portfolio Update

Abigail Halpin


♥ beautiful -- TOPIT.ME 收录优美图片

You can never how too many ideas on how to draw an owl. That's what they say, anyway...

((fox by yadou)) ***geometric style

My Harry Potter tattoo. Using the 4 house colors. Thanks to Bob at Fantasy to Flesh!

Twin peaks stick n poke

Princess Tiara Silhouette by moniquechvatal on Etsy, $2.00

Riddikulus tattoo hand poked stick and poke harry potter tattoo small wrist text Stoked that i finally did this one on my OWN wrist! im loving it!

magpiefeed: Stick and poke moon fox on Claire By Magpie Feed

my first and second stick and poke. just sorta practice. That little dot? its a stick and poke. There was a Friends episode where phoebe and rachel go to get tatts but phoebe gets too scared and only gets a dot. She then says “its the world but from like very very far away.” I guess you could say i have the whole world in  my hands. sorry for stupid long explanation

Stick and poke

Make Yr Mom Sad // Handpoked tattoos // Vancouver

fyeahstick-n-poke: i did this on a friend of mine.. my stick in poke blog is makeyrmomsad.tumb...

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74 Of The Tiniest, Most Tasteful Tattoos Ever


The Art of Ink | Dr. Woo | We Are The Somethings

Tattoo Submission: Cec (Norway)

Tattoo Submission: Cec (Norway) (Tattoologist)

Universe and Infinity

sun and moon tattoo

60 Lovely Ring Finger Tattoos For Couples | How to Tattoo?

60 Lovely Ring Finger Tattoos For Couples | How to Tattoo?

Primary screen colours, nice & minimal once again: #tattoo #rgb #minimal

April « 2012 « Le Moustache Tattoo Parlour

Nice Rose Design

Tattoo Ideas Central

☪goutte de la lune☪ | via Tumblr

Redwoods in Crescent Moon by Thorin Brentmar. Tattoo idea.

Redwoods in Crescent Moon by tbrentmar