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Re-use... Recycle... Repurpose Crates!

Vintage, plastic, metal, wood, homemade, hand-me-down crates... They're the perfect item to DIY with and you can make everything from furniture to storage...

How cool are these stairs made out of old crates?

These stairs look gorgeous! They are made from a huge variety of wood, from antique hardwood floor to construction wood and even crates!

Kroff Designs has been making reclaimed furniture in Brooklyn with love for years. Now they’re using vintage soda crates as magazine drawers for their tables – adding a special touch to their beautiful recycled designs.

Reclaimed Wood Desks Feature Vintage Soda Crates as Drawers

Colourful Shoe Storage From Wooden Crate Boxes...

Crate turned into side table/night stand...

Side table made from vintage shipping crates...

  • Patty Morris

    I made a coffee table out of a old shipping crate and top off a hosier cabinet

Vintage Crate Furniture Chair with Tray...

The vintage crate coffee table.

vintage crate4[4].jpg (image)

Re-purpose an old wooden Coke create into a toy-box...

High Cotton: Repurposing a Vintage Coke Crate

Cabinets: Mount them to the wall and you have an instant cabinet. We do suggest testing the strength of the boards and nails that will be on the bottom since they'll support the full weight of whatever you place inside of them.

Recycled soda crates used as bar decor for the cafe's front counter.

  • Doug Frazier

    Wow, love this counter. Looking for ideas to use in my Aunts country store. I think I may use this one. She has a lot of those old soda crates in the back room. Were getting a Coke fountain machine next week and was looking for a new counter. I'll post pics if we use your idea.

Whiner and Diner repurposes wine crates into pet beds and feeders.

From Wine to Divine: Repurposed Wine Crate Ideas | Poetic Home

While this nifty storage solution by Living Etc. is made with an antique apple crate, you can easily attach cute little wheels on a vintage wine crate for the same type of portable appeal and convenience.