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You have come to accept petty thievery as just a thing that happens to you sometimes: | 23 Signs Your Cat Actually Owns You

23 Signs Your Cat Actually Owns You

These 16 People Had Encounters So Unlikely, You Won't Believe It's Possible. 13.)Well now you're just cheating.

It's sad day when, what I do when I am procrastinating is look up quotes about procrastination....

Seattle neighborhoods and areas

didn't go to the gym story of my life

Pin up girls are hot, but cats that look like pin ups are too funny.

Lock your doors, Brenda. Lock your doors.

Will & Jaden Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro Rap! - The Graham Norton Show - BBC One

The Spider Who Couldn't Hide- i never thought I'd see the day i would laugh while watching a spider. The guys voice really makes this hilarious!

  • Ally Peterson

    Omg... Ive seen this before without the voice and it was funny but with the dudes voice its just freakin hilarious!

  • C C

    So funny!!!

  • Judy W

    This is so hilarious

Never wear red to target. Ever.

  • Kari Pelaez

    Not an outfit I would ever wear, even by accident, but still, a worthy cautionary tale. :)