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amazing clouds

The River Whisperer: Presenting the May 20 Grab Bag ...

Yellowstone National Park, WY by Dee Langevin.

Orion's stars~NASA

Orion's Dreamy Stars - NASA Spitzer Space Telescope

"Rainbow Moonbow" - full light circle around bright full moon glow. Late night walker on beach stands in water reflection of light in large lake. Hard to see even the white moonbow, colors appear in long exposure photographs. Conditionst: moon very close to full & no more than 42 degrees away; clear dark sky; some sort of rain falling on the other side of moon (sometimes a waterfall creates conditions). Yosemite (CA), Cumberland Falls (KY), Waimea Canyon (HI) are 3 USA spots. -Research DdO:)

Supercell Storm. Snyder, Nebraska

Supercell Storm. Snyder, Nebraska

Fishing at sunrise, Hongkong

When Venus Rises with the Sun This dramatic telephoto view across the Black Sea on June 6 finds Venus rising with the Sun, the planet in silhouette against a ruddy and ragged solar disk.

Nature, let us enjoy the wonderful things in life, the simple miracles infront of us every day!

debris..I can't imagine the force of a tornado

Tornadoes Royalty Free Pictures/TIL-RF-09

Lightning striking the sea. I used to watch nightly thunderstorms over the Atlantic when I lived at Cape May.

Whoa! Electrifying! Amazing!

Northern Lights over ice mountains in Alaska

Twitter / Saadal3000: Alaska: Northern Lights over ...