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Famous Black Women

Barack Obama flashing the Vulcan salute with the original Lieutenant Uhura. (via Digg)

59 years ago, a poor African American woman in Baltimore died of an extremely aggressive form of cancer. Unbeknown to her or her family, doctors took a sample of her cells and discovered that, unlike any other human samples, her cancerous cells thrived in laboratory conditions. These so-called immortal cells were a boon to biology, including help find a cure for polio.

Ida B. Wells: "African American journalist, newspaper early leader in the civil rights movement. She documented lynching in the United States, showing how it was often a way to control or punish blacks who competed with whites. She was active in the women's rights and the women's suffrage movement, establishing several notable women's organizations."

Ida B. Wells - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I ♥ Misty Copeland. She is curvy, African American, and first took classes at age 13 at the boys and girls club. Is there a ballet stereotype that she hasn't shattered?

Misty Copeland – Beautiful Women

Norman Rockwell's portrayal of Ruby Bridges, who braved unruly crowds to become the first African American child to desegregate her school in New Orleans.

The exhibition Posing Beauty in African American Culture, at the USC Fisher Museum of Art through Dec. 3, explores the contested ways in which African and African American beauty have been represented in both historical and contemporary contexts through a diverse range of media.

Gorgeous African American Women - 1950s vintage dress, lace and circle skirt, could not be more adorable! #vintage

See the woman on the album cover? She appears in this same ad. I assume this ad was used in magazines targeting the african-american community.

This is thought to be the only known photo of an African-American Union soldier with his family.

W.E.B. Du Bois Collection African American girl with braided hair, 1899 or 1900 via library of congress

“Harlem, 1970” by Anthony Barboza, in "Posing Beauty In African American Culture," curated by Deborah Willis

1955-African-American debs make history at Willard Hotel ball

Shirley Chisholm. First African American woman elected to the U.S. Congress.

Young African American women employed by the Douglas Aircraft Company in Long Beach, California, 1938. Two of thousand of African Americans who worked in arms and munitions plants on the West Coast during World War II.

First African-American Female Aviator [b. 1892 - d. 1926] Bessie Coleman, the daughter of a poor, southern, African American family, became one of the most famous women and African Americans in aviation history. "Brave Bessie" or "Queen Bess," as she became known, faced the double difficulties of racial and gender discrimination in early 20th-century America but overcame such challenges to become the first African American woman to earn a pilot's license. Coleman not only thrilled audienc...

Nina Mae McKinney (June 13, 1912 - May 3, 1967) was an American actress. Dubbed "The Black Garbo" when she worked in Europe, she was one of the first African-American film stars and was one of the first African-Americans to appear on British television.

nina mae mckinney » Balloon Juice

Michelle Obama - politics aside - she is pretty