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So much color and so much pattern at the Logan Square Farmers Market.

Spring allergy season is here, and we're intrigued by Erin Boyle's recipe for an herbal tea allergy remedy.

Nest Treehouse, I remember having one of these when I was younger, except it was made naturally from a tree that got struck by lighting. great memories haha of me and chelsea pretending to be baby birds.

Marigolds make good companion plants to repel bugs-and the teepee trellis in each box

Planches de légumes dans le potager

victoria lee photographed by chris craymer & styled by charlotte-anne fidler for glamour uk

Picture of little portable greenhouses (each one is covering a bell pepper plant). Made with clear plastic sheeting, each one only cost ~6 dollars.

cilantro... try this method for a fast, continuous crop __ Sow seeds thickly in a wide, shallow container; then, as soon as plants are 3 to 4 inches tall and sporting a couple of cuttable leaves, use scissors to cut off some foliage for cooking as shown. Shear from a different section of the container every time, rotating the pot as you go and never letting plants in any area mature. By the time you get back to the first section harvested, new leaves will have appeared.