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Awesome Products

Okay, I need this because I never remember where I stopped reading!

If you are looking for a new way to prepare sunny side eggs, say hi to designer Avihai Shurin who designed this awesome Egg Shaper that lets you create a shining sun through clouds. #Egg_Shaper

Perfect for traveling on long flights - solar powered charger + suction cup. Genius!

Recorder is this magic pen that converts your written notes into electronic files and then transfers it to your phone and computer via Bluetooth

iDuck: Plug your iPod into the egg, then the duck plays your music in the shower wirelessly (and it's waterproof).

Alarm Pillow gently vibrates at the given hour, to wake you up with a buzz. And if you don’t get out of the bed, your head-weight acts as the snooze trigger.

The future of wifi

This would make going to the beach or the pool extra entertaining.. hahaha

Custom cases with your Instagram, Facebook and personal photos - This website - Casetagram - is SO cool!

waterproof phone case

The iPhone Photo Printer

waterproof notepad. the fiance needs this.

solar charger. yes.

bedtime headphones. perfect for travel too.

not gonna lie, i need this.

Laser Beam Scissors! The future is here. Straight Edge Laser Beam Scissors

Plug your Phone into the egg and you can take the ducky into the shower with you and listen to your music...its waterproof. SO COOL i need this