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Front Yard do over

* ots bring the plants closer to eye level, rather than calling for attention from knee height. * We’ve said it many times before, but simple forms are the way to go. Ornate pots create a busy visual effect that distracts from the cool shape of the pot and all of those great plants. * Pull it all together. Rather than spreading your containers out, one here, two there, cluster them together. Even small pots can have a big impact when drawn into a big mass. * Location is always key. Take time to find the perfect spot and layout for your carefully selected containers. Prioritize the views from important windows, doors and paths, and spend time moving the empty vessels around before you start to plant. A few inches to the left or right might help everything come together perfectly. A gallery of container plantings for a little inspiration: IMG_1569

My front yard is very shady and I could use a dry creek bed to one side.

Some day this will be my front yard