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keeping in touch & staying connected

The Value of Letter Writing: “In a generation or two letters will be obsolete. Everyone will talk to absent friends the world over by radio. It will be nice; but something will be lost with letters. The world can’t eat its cake and have it, too. And none of these things really “save time.” They only fill it more breathlessly full.“ [Saturday December 16, 1922 -- Volume 3, L.M. Montgomery Selected Journals] SO TRUE!!

On Letter Writing

The art of writing a letter....such a lost art

Kiki's List: The Power of Paper.

The simple pleasure of sending a receiving a letter is amazing. I think more people should slow down and write more letters.

Make Your Own Very Unusual Spring Surprise FREDERIKKETU | An image is worth a thousand words ...: photo credit Rikke Storm

A paint pen can change your staples for those special items like invitations and programs.