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Nerwen, meaning “man-maiden”, was Galadriel’s mother-name; this came from her unusual height and strength.

BIFUR – Born in the West, Bifur has the rusting remains of an Orc axe embedded in his forehead, which has rendered him inarticulate and occasionally feisty! He communicates only with grunts and hand gestures. Unlike most of the others in The Company of Dwarves, Bifur is not related to Thorin, nor is he of noble lineage, but rather is descended from miners and smithies – simple folk with simple tastes.

Hobbit Character Posters

Hobbit Character Posters

Goonies Never Say Die… Super fun photo of the Goonies cast now. Check out Chunk!

I always loved Bobby "Don't Worry Be Happy" McFerrin. And I love that he loves Jesus!