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thievinggenius: Done by Tiny Miss Becca.

EEP! So awesome! done by aivaras lee

Cheshire cat tattoo

if I ever wanted a cat tattoo

Creepy black cat tattoo

Tiny, Tiny Kitties

38 Weird Or Wonderful Cat Tatts

Fancy Cats on feet

  • Shanna Booher

    I have a tat on my foot of 7 small paw prints to represent my 7 kitties (2 of which i've lost)- i know how much THOSE hurt - i can't even imagine how much these hurt and how long they took, but they're gorgeous!

  • Nita Greenbank

    These feet (and tattoos) belong to a friend of mine; they're of her much loved kitties Harley and Zoe.

  • Shanna Booher

    I have a Harley too!

cat tattoo The Leading Memory Site on the Net

Not a fan of tattoos, but this is pretty clever.... Cheshire Cat UV ink tattoo for body, and regular ink for mouth


Aw! When my BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever) Oscar passes away (which will never happen btw) I wanted to get his paw prints tattooed, but I think a happy little cartoon tattoo of him would be cute too!

cat tattoo

Anubis & Bast tattoos

Creative Boys Club

water color tattoos

Modele de Tatuaje Simple, Poze Tatuaje usor de realizat

Marcin Aleksander Surowiec

Marcin Aleksander Surowiec

Cat tattoo

  • Sally Franklin

    Looks effortless maybe !! or I can just pick Lola up in a bad mood and she'll do it xx

cat sillhouette tattoo



cat tattoo