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I don't know why, but I just feel a tug from this picture, like there's some meaning, an unspoken connection. It's beautiful

tattoo wings on back art for girls - Google Search hההבטחה התגשמה "the promise fulfilled" in Hebrew maethor mi in elvish

Roses are beautiful, but it takes courage to pick one without getting hurt by its thorns. Beautiful, but deadly.

Phoenix. Tattoos, Red hair, Red, Redhead, Red Head, Copper, Copper Top, Ginger, Carrot, Carrot Top, freckles, natural, mysterious, "Fire", boudoir


tree tattoo. What if i did the one Jordan painted for me? I really need to find that. Its in a box somewhere.

Not gonna lie kinda upset I see a tattoo on the Internet of something I thought up for myself a year ago :( I love this

roses.... Can't wait to cover up my roses with PRETTY roses

gold ink tattoos...Don't like the content, but love the idea of gold ink

Lotus - inspiration for a tattoo but with an iris instead of a lotus flower

@Jenni Juntunen Juntunen Juntunen Juntunen Johnston I know you have a lot of these pinned already, but here's another. Just in case.