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Micro RV's

I love small RV's. Teardrop trailers and vintage 'canned ham' style trailers remind me of great childhood times camping with my family. More permanent than a tent, but more mobile then a house. This camper trailers look like freedom to me.

Campa Trailer Explorer

nice teardrop camper

  • emma lyndaker

    love the tiny camper! I have a 1964 teardrop which I love,too. Restored it this summer& it turned out so cute. Was a dream come true for me!

Vintage Motorcycle Camper Trailer :-)

From the Neiman-Marcus gift catalog, a teardrop trailer that converts into an elaborate, fully loaded and beautiful mobile bar!

Get small.

Custom baby kustom!

The Verdier looks retro on the outside, but on the inside it is a bio-diesel hybrid stuffed full of high tech gadgetry and eco-friendly innovations.

Modular Motorhome – Hybrid Camper Car Plus Caravan Combo. The larger back-end trailer takes its cues from classic VW-type campers, maximizing space with a lofted sleeping area, flip-down table-and-chairs set as well as compact storage solutions set into any remaining available areas. Curved lines also recall traditional Airstream trailers, which make maximum use of sleek streamlined exterior forms and more spacious-seeming inside spaces.

1952 KOM PAK Sportsman Trailer with fiberglass boat on top, fully restored!

Pop-Top Teardrop camper trailer.

Not only is it a's a camper with a seafoam stripe.

Great mobile galley addition for micro-campers.

Nice camper trailer for the VW Bug.

EarthRoamer XV-HD (Ford F-650 Based)

Wilcraft Amphibious Ice Fishing & Hunting Vehicle!

Tricked out survival truck. I want this!

A lovingly restored 1964 Arrow Dart 13 foot camper trailer. Includes a tiny sink, a fridge, a bed and a breakfast nook.

My favorite RV ever is The Opera, manufactured by the Netherlands-based Your Suite in Nature. It is styed based on the Sydney Opera House. Sadly, it is currently available only in Europe and Australia.

The Doubleback - Clever VW van based RV currently available only in the UK.

Ever the innovator and trend setter Thomas Dolby is rocking a teardrop trailer these days.

The Wazat lifts off it's custom 5x7 tilt bed utility trailer, allowing you to camp one day haul your riding mower the next! Only 750 pounds!

Floating Teepee. Some assembly required.