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On Monday, December 8, 1980, John Lennon was killed by five shots fired by Mark David Chapman at the entrance of the building where he lived, The Dakota. Lennon had just returned from Record Plant Studio with his wife, Yoko Ono.

Elvis Presley death photo

death | justinowenrawlins
  • mandy lowe

    Elvis when he died was a lot heavier yhan this picture shows anf his hair was not as short.

  • Aloisio Filgueiras

    You old whore, daughter of a fucking bitch. Are you trying to be funny? Respect Elvis Presley, he was a wonderful human being.

Paul Walker burned body | Smells Like News: EXCLUSIVE AUTOPSY PHOTO OF PAUL WALKER


47 years ago Black nationalist leader Malcolm X is assassinated while addressing a rally in Harlem in New York City - Bob Adelman USA. New York City. 1965. Harlem.

John Dillinger autopsy photo

John Dillinger autopsy photo - The Weird Picture Archive

Chris Farley

Pic of Dead Body of Paul Walker

Paul Walker "Dead Body Photos" Real or Fake? - Low Ram
  • Vicky Dunbar

    It's a fake pic, that's actually the face of a Missionary who was injured in an accident. Paul was burnt from head to toe and had to be identified by dental records

  • Christen Wilt

    This is fake of Paul Walker he was burnt from head to toe. His body was BEYOND recognition.

  • Theresa Whisante Bounds

    Wow, why would THIS be on Pinterest??? This kind of Sick Crap has NO REASON to even be on here!!!

  • Kalani Herth

    @Theresa Burger Whisante Well no one asked you to search this. Grow up it's the internet if you can't be an adult stay off or DO NOT ENTER WHERE IT SAYS WARNING stupid ass !

A corpse sitting up on the slab due to the effects of rigor mortis - The Weird Picture Archive

Lee Harvey Oswald


    Wtf happend

  • Karen Michelle Howard

    The body goes through stages.This is more like pass the 3 day.The abdomen swells up better known as post mortem gas.Bacteria builds up in the body especially in the stomach


"Burking." The process of killing poor people and selling their bodies for medical study in 19th century London. (The body is in the basket on the man's shoulder). Occasionally the medical men they delivered too would perceive the body as being too fresh (never buried...grave robbing was one thing, murder another) and alert authorities.

L0023228 Examination of the skull and brain. Credit: Wellcome Library, London. mailto:images@wel... images.wellcome.a... Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons by-nc 2.0 UK, see Examination of the skull and brain, method of removing the brain after it is severed from the body.

..dissection of cadaver at medical school. Note that the body does not look the same as at an autopsy, when a body is donated to medical schools, it must be prepared (not embalmed) and can take up to a year in a formaldehyde solution to be useable.

Over three thousand people perished that day, but the photographs from 9/11 do not show mangled corpses and bloody carnage. There was an agreement among print media and television broadcasters not to show any corpses in connection with the attacks, and when the above picture by Todd Maisel, titled “The Hand, 9/11″ appeared in the New York Daily News, it was roundly criticized.

  • Terri Stanley

    How nice for print media and tv broadcasters to make decisions regarding what we may or may not view. I despise sports, yet it is constantly shoved down my throat. Something natural that happens every day. Weather by accident or old age we wii all get there.

  • Terri Stanley

    Death has been removed from modern life and has become mysterious. Our ancestors cared for their own dead. Now we must be protected from it?

The fingerprinting of a decomposed corpse sometimes requires the medical examiner to remove the deceased’s fingertips and slip them over their own gloved fingertips, which then allows them to take the prints.

The 21 Steps of an Autopsy The dead body arrives at the morgue. The body’s identity is confirmed, assigned an identification number, and given a toe tag, which is a cardboard ticket with all of the corpse’s pertinent information written on it. This tag is tied to the big toe. The body is photographed from head to toe, front and back, in the clothing it was wearing when it arrived at the morgue.....