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5 Learning Target Signs for the basic subjects: reading, writing, math, science and social studies. Display these signs and write your learning target underneath. A learning target helps students grasp the lesson's purpose--why it is crucial to learn this chunk of information, on this day, and in this way.

5 New Word Wall Words Each Week 28 Weeks Worth of Words A 2 sided sheet that allows students to practice the 5 new word wall words. Activities for the words include: * Read it * Trace it * Configuration Boxes * Bubble Letters * Rainbow Write * Pyramid Word * Search for Missing Letters

140 Sight Words for your Word Wall Each word has a colored border around it. This is to help the students when looking for words on the word wall. Each word has a picture to help them visually. Some words like, "love" are easy to find a picture for. For the words that are more difficult, my students and I come up with sentences for each word that matches the picture. This helps to anchor the new words to something.

Give your students the resources they need for success in reading and writing right at their fingertips.

This product contains 7 posters that display reading strategies that good readers use to comprehend text. Each poster has the strategy listed and an "I can" statement that conveys what good readers do to make meaning with a text. There are also 5 thinking stems to help facilitate discussions.

YEAR LONG Phonics Program! 671 Pages! *BEGINNING SOUNDS *SHORT VOWELS *LONG VOWELS In 3 FUN Formats! *COLOR *BLACK-LINE *INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK! Centers Word Work RTI PowerPoint Lessons Homework AWARDS PROGRAM plus ARTWORK! Fun Fabulous Phonics!! $

Dolch Sight Word Mini Crossword Puzzles - 2 versions have been included to differentiate for your students. This is an EXPANDING BUNDLE and once it's finished it will include all 11 Dolch Sight Word Lists. Buy it early and save BIG!!!

‘Thinking About Our Reading’ posters and sentence stems are designed to help you introduce and practice the skills needed by young readers to understand the text that they hear and read. The skills include: Making and Adjusting Predictions Making Connections Asking Questions Defining New Words Rereading to Check Understanding Describing and Visualizing Retelling in Sequence Summarizing $

Picture word cards. Create a mini booklet for matching words to picture. If You Give a Dog a Donut by Laura Numeroff. Created by The Education Highway

Unit 4 - this unit has 4 weeks worth of word practice (work work, word game, homework practice, flashcards, cut-up sentences, assessments, word wall cards, ppts, flipcharts and much more.

Anytime of the year is a good time to practice with "Months of the Year: Ordering Activities for Primary Grades." This is a packet of center and printable activities to practice putting the months of the year in order. $

Silent E Activities for Firsties (26 pages) - (24) Silent-e Houses (pgs. 3-6) - (54) Silent-e Word Cards (pgs. 7-15) Use as flashcards or make 2 s...

16 word combinations sorts, each of which include: Cut and Paste activity, Color the sound activity, Task Cards, Recording sheet, and Write the word sorts

This package includes scrambled words for making 3 stories. Each story has 3 sentences to unscramble. Next, the sentences are written into a story and students are encouraged to add to the story with their own creative conclusion. Then the story is illustrated with the facts from the story to check comprehension. $

Are your little ones learning to name the parts of their bodies? How about your ELLs? Are your beginners learning to read the words that name their body parts? Then this is the unit for you. "Parts of the Body: A Word Study Unit" is designed to introduce a verbal and written vocabulary for 19 basic body parts from ‘head’ to ‘toe.’ $