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The Pointy Toed Shoes Sisters

Hot flashes, demanding careers, the desire to giggle, to share life's adventures, and the pleasures of wearing pointy toed shoes....the Pointy Toed Shoes Sisters are catty, loving, practical and silly. We stand in front of the open refrigerator because we are HOT...and not always in a good way! Share the giggles!

A lot can be said about the credos of The Pointy Toed Shoes Sisters...but this is it in a nutshell.

The Pointy Toed Shoes Sisters roll in to Lexington for the Kentucky Proud Incredible Food Show. Lead in to a series of posts about Lexington KY chefs and food events in the Bluegrass. More interviews to come including the Food Network's Tyler Florence.

The Pointy Toed Shoes Sisters mini-roadtrip to Abingdon Farmers Market. Yes, those are Harley Davidsons and yes we are eating fresh peaches! Giggles

Seriously, should women of a certain age be intrigued with tatoos? Well, honey let me tell ya the tatoos are nothing when the pointy toed shoes sisters meet fellow hillbilly Chef Sean Brock!

We shall remain serious and professional at all times. Is that Michael Voltaggio? Is that Rhoda snapping yet another tatoo picture? Are we giggling with the Voltaggio Brothers?

Taking rural back from the urban...Guerilla Cuisine underground local food event Louisville KY with Chef Anthony Lamas of Seviche, Matt Jamie of Bourbon Barrel Foods, and host jimihatt.

Sometimes the sisters just gotta get to the big city and try something new. Great food at Table 310 in Lexington KY! No orthopedic shoes here! Giggles

Hanging in Louisville with Chef Edward Lee of 610 Magnolia, Jessica from Urban Sacred Garden and more giggles.

On the Road to Lexington with the sisters, and in the kitchen with Chef Jeremy Ashby. I got my high heels caught in the safety mats and the kitchen staff laughed. That was BEFORE the bourbon! Giggles

I get by with a little help from my friends, the Pointy Toed Shoes Sisters saved my hide after the filming of Friends Drift Inn Episode 5 featuring Chef Jeremy Ashby.