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love this white retro bathing suit! very Marilyn Monroe-esque

thats so funny cause animals get sio facinated by there tails and thats cats face is halarious lol:)

Puppy love

And this is how I feel EVERYDAY!

On a hot summer day, Baconseed enjoys a nice frozen treat, provided it's cookies and cream.

So fat and cute.

fat rabbit

I Don’t Even | Cutest Paws...

Baby Steds is way too fat for this kind of thing.

OMG. they would look amazing with long skinny jeans, and a loose, flowey, dark top.

I've never worn oxfords.....but I've wanted some for a while.....and I wouldn't mind these being my first pair.

This colour....bows.....heels....perfect!

Amphibian Seduction

Edge Of The Plank: Cute Animals: Animals Kissing

Image Search Results for cute baby animals i'm not one to love skunks, but this is adorable!:)