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DIY Homemade Cat Toys!

Friskies® is pleased to present Do-It-Yourself cat toys! Get crafty for your kitty cat and make some homemade cat toys!

At #Purina, we are always blurring the line between work and play. #Quotes #Play #Toynbee

DIY Toys for cats

  • Brittanie Castillo

    Hey Purina Friskies, would you mind creating more DIY HomeMade Cat Toys, I have a kitten who is full of energy and I would love to use your ideas. Thank you.

Friskies® DIY Homemade Cat Toy: "Canalot" A magical castle for your kitty cat made from free materials

Friskies® DIY Homemade Cat Toys: "Knotty Spider"

Friskies® DIY Homemade Cat Toy: "The Partymaker"

Friskies® DIY Homemade Cat Toys: "The Scrumple Buddy"

Friskies® DIY Homemade Cat Toys: "Irresistiball"

  • Lindsay Fitz

    Quick and easy! Coco and Kasper loved the challenge :D

  • Maddy

    Tip : put a bell in it for a festive/fun cat toy!!

  • Brooke Goffart-Fry

    Tip: A little flimsy...I used a pipe cleaner to hold it together....great spur of the moment toy to keep my kitty occupied for a couple minutes.

  • Jane Halliwell

    My cat was not amused. Next time she gets salmon flavored. Bet she won't resist that

  • Indio Oikata

    exelente, exelente mi gato se divierte demasiado. gracias

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