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Don't tie a knot in that big tee, do this....easy and cute. and way better than a bulky knot

how to volumize your flat hair...learned this in the 60's and still use it.

How to apply eyeshadow - this is the best diagram I have seen yet.

business casual and casual

You'll be sad you didn't pin. Every hair tip there ever was, categorized in one place.

Pin now, read later -- A list of drugstore make-ups that are duplicates of department store brands.. pretty much the greatest pin on the planet

Want the perfect nude lip? Head to the drugstore! Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Soft Nude and Super Lustrous Lip gloss in Peach Petal.

Laughing so hard Im crying....I've read this a hundred times, but every so often, I come back again for a giggle. Click on it to read... you'll be glad you did.

Fold scarf in half. Loop around neck. Pull only one strand of the scarf through the loop. Twist loop, then pull other strand through.

Win this Coach Purse from Raining Hot Coupons (Click Image to Enter)