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Brand Names with Gratuitous Umlauts

And other needless diacritical marks.

Lumbürr, "a lifestyle brand of handcrafted products" based in Toronto, "infused with Canadiana and a hint of Swedishness."

Supremÿa "the supreme anti-aging skin care." Sisley is a French brand, but ÿ isn't French; it's sometimes used to transcribe the Greek letter upsilon, but here I believe it represents B.S. This stuff costs $775 at Saks for a 1.7-oz. vial.

Gemologeë, a gem store in San Francisco's North Beach. Pronounced "gemology."

Skindinävia makeup finishing spray. Company is based in Boston. The umlaut is used inconsistently on packaging and the website.

Grönk Flakes cereal, named for umlautless New England Patriots player Rob Gronkowski.

Sanuk casual shoes. Based in Southern California, named for "sanuk," Thai word meaning "happy."

Quaker frütUp yogurt with fruit mousse. (I'm giving Müller -- "the European for yummy" -- a pass. It could be a surname. Probably isn't, but I'm feeling charitable.)

FrütStix "fresh fruit frozen on a stick." The company, based in California, also makes FüdgStix.

Küat bike racks. Based in Springfield, MO; no explanation of name or umlaut.

früsh fruit-and-yogurt drink. A rare three-dot umlaut.

Belaggles belaying goggles.