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DIY terrarium

159 Pins

DIY terrarium

  • 159 Pins

Vivarium with very nice plants!

An interesting play on the "canyon" layout you see in some reef tanks. While this one was meant to be seen from all angles I actually prefer this layout if the back and sides here were covered, and this was the front tank view. Great stream tank with tons of surfaces to plant!

Crested Gecko and his awesome setup!!!! - Vivarium Forums

Reptile cage setup

Connected By Petsphoto gallery > Member Galleries > PDF Vivarium

Zoo Med 18" x 18" x 24" reed frog vivarium

How To Create Your Own Terrarium / Vivarium

Terrarium or Vivarium - Craft Organic


Biome Flora Terrarium merges your iPad with eco-life

Vivarium with Orchids

6ft vivarium

Vivarium for Crested Geckos 2 - Construction Journal can be found here:

blairstuff | - insane things I make to keep me sane -

I love this style orchid terrarium and would love to try it with other plants!

Frogs and More Frogs: Vivarium Photos From Vivarium Concepts

Heavily planted cave vivarium... Beware deep water and ingestable rocks and pebbles with White's tree frogs!

Our Favorite Vivariums! - Dendroboard

Rainforest Vivarium

Frogs and More Frogs: Vivarium Photos From Vivarium Concepts

River and close up plant details

I ♥ this vivarium

I want my cage to look like this O.o


terrarium globe...inspiration for reception or sign in tables

Naturalistic vivarium

Overview vivarium - hexagon, from Vivaria Projects

Wine Bottle Vivariums by RecapitulationTheory on Etsy, $20.00