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Garfield and Friends

Things From Our Childhood (72 pics)

plastic toy fingernails

Love's Baby Soft

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Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Time to order books!!

I'm Remembering!
  • Roxanna Mays

    Oh my gosh! So remember this! I loved Dynamite!

  • Nessa Martinez

    The kids still get this, my sisters a kindergarten teacher and I ask her for one every time she gets them

Moonies, I used to always go to Spencer's to play with these.

My mom used to buy these!

I'm Remembering!

Cabbage Patch Kids, rooms!

dic - if i try hard enough, i can remember the voice at the end of shows saying this

Yeah Flashback, Dic

whistling pops

  • Nessa Martinez

    I thought I was the coolest! Cheeks would hurt after because I'd blow on it so much

  • Amanda Morrison

    I loved these when I was younger. My grandma would give all us kids one from the pantry when we would go to their property in the mountains of CA for family reunions!