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description of independent variable, dependent variable, and control

Can you build a boat that will float and hold weight? GREAT STEM activity!

Teachers Are Terrific!: What is Going on in the Lab?

simple machines…great video to introduce simple machines!

Ever wondered what's in toothpaste or how marshmallow Peeps are made? What's so special about those new fabrics that claim to keep you cooler as you work out? Many of the fundamental principles behind designing and making items we use every day are based in the science of chemistry. How better to learn about properties of matter, physical and chemical changes, and simple chemical reactions than through the objects and materials students use every day?

Middle School Portal

Earth Science Unit - lots of hands-on activities to teach how fold mountains are formed, plate movement and earthquakes, and the layers of Earth.

The Homeschool Den: Earth Science Unit

#STEM This is too cool, what a better way to illustrate the inter-workings of a biome for a young person? (Tabletop Biosphere)

Make Labs' Biosphere & More!

Includes all 6 crystal classes and presents the physical properties: hardness, habit, luster, cleavage, specific gravity, color, fluorescence, and streak.

Search Terms: rubric, lab, assessment, evaluation, This product includes a lab rubric for grading labs on a letter grade holistic scale. It incl...

Lab Rubric (3 versions)

More than 25 hands-on science activities are provided in classroom-ready pages for both teachers and students for exploring Earth, the planets, geology, and space sciences.

Exploring Planets in the Classroom: Hands-on science activities

10 June Science Ideas, good and FUN way to keep your kids learning this summer

10 June Science Ideas for Kids - Adventures in Mommydom

SCIENTIFIC METHOD INTRO LESSON~ Use bananas to introduce students to the scientific method using bananas. Lesson description and free printable science journal worksheet.

Math is Elementary: Science Saturday 2

Wear an old sock over your shoe. Go for a nature walk. Remove sock, spritz with water put into a ziploc bag. Hang the bag in a window for 2 what GROWS! Very cool! Also check out Mrs. Drake's webpage for science resources. It's a GOLDMINE!

Mrs. Drakes room -SCIENCE

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Static Electricity Lab” - Go to The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs for this and hundreds of free lessons. 6th - 9th Grade #FreeLesson #TeachersPayTeachers #TPT # Science thebestofteachere...

Beginning of the year density experiment. Will also help teach science tools.

Science Matters: Denisty: Candy Density

Roller Coaster animation showing potential and kinetic energy.

Roller Coaster Web Quest

Hands on experiment to teach children about conduction while studying weather and learning about storms.

Observing Conduction {Weather for Kids} ~ Learn Play Imagine

Help your students develop good writing habits in the science classroom. This one-line rubric can be added to your labs, tests and homework assign...

Science Short Answer Rubric

The Next Generation Science Standards are coming soon and you need to be ready. There is a Standard for nearly every science discipline that requires students to read and understand an article from a science journal. She has worksheets for high school science courses in order to help them understand how to read a journal article. Thank you Kimberly Onak!

Analyzing a Science Journal Article

Exploring color theory with baking soda and vinegar eruptions - simple science for kids!

Baking Soda and Vinegar Eruptions ~ Learn Play Imagine

ISN Mini-Lesson: Including Input and Output

The Science Penguin: ISN Mini-Lesson: Including Input and Output

A Middle School Survival Guide: science

A Middle School Survival Guide: Exercise and Respiration