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Another simple but effective workout you can do absolutely anywhere with both cardio and resistance.

Handmade iPhone 5C case Resin with Dried Flowers by Annysworkshop, $19.00

Creamy Chicken Quinoa and Broccoli Casserole - Nothing from a can, real ingredients, 300 calories of comfort food. Quick and easy.

Twin Bed Joiner/Matress Connector by REGAL. $8.99. Includes 4 separate pieces (combined to join two mattressess into one king) - Each piece about 19.5" X 8". Center support on the underside nestles into crack to prevent sliding. Made of soft and comfortable EVA foam. Joins any two sized mattresses of the same height. These foam inserts are designed to seamlessly bring twin beds together to form a king-sized bed. While older bed connectors tended to leave unsightly lumps on the...

Want a cheap canopy bed? Find a simple brown or black frame and some PVC pipe.

lightpittupblue: Hello All! We are planning a t-shirt decorating fundraising event!  We will be spray painting t-shirts with puzzle pieces on them that creates a cool effect with the negative space. We have several options as to t-shirt color and design. The white shirts will be sprayed with blue paint, and the blue shirts will be sprayed with white paint.

What a great idea!! Do you know how many things we could do with this idea?? colored paint on white shirts, or use bleach in a spray bottle on colored shirts. I may need a 2nd job to pay for my crafting habit :D

Books to Read in 2014. Divergent & the Outlander series are already on the list!

  • Nik The Icon

    Unadequate was so amazing. I'd add it to the list!

  • Amelia Murphy-Thorn

    I love books!!! :)

  • Cherilyn Barber

    A lot of my favorites plus the Uglies and also The Reason by William Sirls

  • Patricia Owens

    It would take more than a year to read the Outlander series alone...epic, large read.

  • B

    I really liked Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, I am going to blogging a review about it soon. Hit me up if you want the URL - ...please follow me, I WILL follow back. Thanks

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"Salt in the Air, Sand in my Hair,, is the Best way to start you're morning and end you're day ... D.H.

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