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How to make Krathong

From Four Seasons Chiang Mai: floating flower boats for Thailand’s Festival of Lights

You will need 12 banana leaves, cut into 1.5-inch strips.

You will need some colorful flowers

You will need about 20 small pins

1. Wrap one banana leaf strip around the outside of your base and secure with pins.

2. Fold the rest of the banana leaf strips into lotus petal shapes (pictured): to make one petal, fold the strip in half horizontally, and then open it flat again. Fold down the top left corner and the top right corner of the strip, which creates a triangle at either end.

3. Then fold each triangle toward the middle of the strip, making a diamond shape.

4. Take the right triangle and layer it slightly on top of the left triangle, creating a curve in the petal. Place some pins through the base of the petal, through all the layers of leaves. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect and precise!

5. Pin the petals all around your base, overlapping slightly to create a lotus flower design.

Tradition says that if you’d like to be blessed with riches, add a few coins. To get rid of bad luck, add a small piece of hair or fingernail trimmings. Then float your krathong in the water and watch the candlelight dance.