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Concierge Recommends

“Houston, we have some strange places” Here are some recommendations that you cannot find anywhere else.

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Take in a movie at the vintage River Oaks Theatre, showing both popular and art films, along with popular older movies like Rocky Horror, Forbidden Planet and The Princess Bride shown as midnight features on weekends.

Justin Smith (@ JustinReb on instagram) tagged #bayoucitymagstreetscene in this snap of Market Square Park. Looks like a pretty day to sit in the park!

Kayaking on Kinder Lake at Discovery Green Park (only a block away)

Houston's Discovery Green Park

As the soothing water wall washes out all sounds of the city, couples can find 
a quiet respite from hectic daily schedules and discover time to indulge in 
life’s simple pleasures.

Bring back the kid in you both…as you race around a go-kart track. Or you 
could really up the stakes. Put on a helmet and strap yourself into a real 
NASCAR stock car for a 17-mile thrill ride. If speed of a different kind is 
more your style, rent an exotic Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Have a glass of wine at La Carafe, the oldest bar in Houston. (Located in Old Market Square, downtown)

Check out Flores Spices and Herbs over by the Airline Farmer's Market for rock-bottom prices on Herbal Teas, Lavender, Ginger, flavored Salts, whole Peppercorns, Cinnamon, fresh Poppy seeds, Saffron, Bay Leaves, Whole Cloves, all sorts of spices and spice blends... My favorites are their hand-blended Apple Pie Spice, Pumpkin Pie Spice, and Fajita Spice blends. They weigh it out and send it with you in small plastic bags. So cheap, and much fresher than the grocery store.

Go outside and play at Discovery Green, Houston's downtown park, near the convention center... free Zumba classes, outdoor movies, cool outdoor New Year's Eve celebrations, fountains to splash in... there are all kinds of things to do down there.

Take a look at seven gorgeous aluminium "Tolerance" figures, representing different languages on the seven continents. I recommend driving down Allen Parkway, just east of Waugh Drive at night, to see them illuminated. So pretty.

The Houston Press Guide to Food on the Light Rail - This nice map has a couple of my all time faves... Tacos a Go-Go, and my museum district Cafe Express location. I also like to pop in to Spec's for a deli sandwich.

Check out the Rice University Campus. They have some of the most stunning trees. The nearby residential streets like lower Mandell, Graustark, and North and South Boulevards have beautiful old trees too. Please be respectful of people and property - all these areas are well patrolled by police, constables, private security, and the occasional Rottweiler.

Soar over the countryside at dawn and watch the world awaken as you 
silently glide above. Let us provide you with a romantic picnic for you to 
take along for the ride. Celebrate touching down with an old ballooning 
tradition of sipping bubbly! Whether you’re proposing or just wanting to 
say “I love you” in the sky, we’ll make sure it’s unforgettable.

The museum features the nation’s largest display of historic funeral service memorabilia and artifacts with the tagline, “every day above ground is a good one.” A few famous memorabilia items are exhibited from John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr. and Elvis.

Considered to be one of Houston’s leading artists, his gigantic statues of historical figures can be seen scattered around Houston. Visit his warehouse to see 17’ heads of presidents or a towering 30’ sculpture of The Beatles.

Houstonian John Milkovisch worked through the late 1960s to transform his suburban Houston home at 222 Malone Street into the Beer Can House. Over 50,000 beer cans adorn this monument to recycling.

The museum, also known as the “Garage Mahal” features art cars. They are factory made vehicles that are transformed into very imaginative personal statements or expressions. Don’t be surprised to find a giant metal rooster art car travelling around Discovery Green.