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Food Storage Gifts

Gift ideas to help you give the gift of preparedness to your loved ones.

10 Pins

Food Storage Gifts

  • 10 Pins

"Helpful Hint" for your husband's this Mother's Day ;) The binder eBook can be purchased at this link: foodstoragemadeea...

A Mother's Day Gift Idea for the HUSBANDS!

cooking gift idea!

Lots of food storage items in these gifts!

Wheat Grass Mugs - Cute and healthy edible gift idea :)

Safely Gathered In: Holiday Food Storage Gift Ideas *2009*

Office 72 Hour Kit, great Valentine's Day Gift Idea. Includes contents list and cute tags to help you put the kit together.

Office 72 Hour Kit Valentine's Gift Idea

FUN gift ideas for Christmas time or any time, to help get your loved ones interested in food storage or preparedness.

12 Days of Food Storage Christmas!

DIY Homemade Jam Gift Labels - SO CUTE!

Ezekiel bread mixes. Super healthy, great gift idea!

Birthday Baggie Surprise

Cheap and easy way to make a #10 can stove. Great for gifts or for yourself!

#10 Can Stove Gift Idea