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Oatmeal container crafts

I know this is a very girly Time Capsule idea, but I love the idea of using an oatmeal container and recording things to review in the years to come. This would be a great idea to use for Activity Days. I also thought about adapting it for the summer when my grandsons come out to "Camp Helaman." We spend a week or two together and have lessons about gospel principles in between other fun activities. Have fun with your kids!

Really super easy use cups cut in half and oatmeal container makes for a super kute valentines box

I made a recreation of one of my little guys in his pirate costume out of an oatmeal container and card-stock... super fun to make - used it for party decor at his pirate party :)

Recycle an empty oatmeal container into an adorable pretend fish tank! Materials needed: empty oatmeal container (we used a 42oz size) with plastic lid piece of cardboard white thread paints in various colors green pipe cleaners (aka chenille stem) seashells sand (optional) clear plastic wrap paintbrush scissors and box cutter tape toothpick glue

Oatmeal container craft ideas. This blog has SO many. Perfect for all of you pincers with kids making summer porridge and crockpot oatmeal breakfasts in abundance! I mean, what else are you going to do with the container?!

Paper Wind Streamer - Martha Stewart Crafts with an empty oatmeal container and colored paper, kids can create a festive decoration that's perfect for any patriotic occasion. Also provides a science lesson that illustrates the wind's direction.