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Church Ideas & Innovation

Examples of #innovation and innovative practices taking place in #church and communities of #faith.

A lenten liturgy in New York City

In 2012, Jordyn Lexton thought of a new way to support her students, who were just released from prison: a food truck that hires recently released inmates ages 16-25. Read here for how the food truck she founded is changing lives and opening opportunities.

TAGXEDO: interesting site that appears to be in the building stage. Like a "Wordle" but takes the words you gather and puts them into a specific shape like an animal, famous person, yourself?

St. Paul's United Methodist Church-Kensington is all about feeding hungry people. They feel so called to do this that they want to make 20895--the zip code in which their church resides--the nation's first "Hunger Free Zone." Read more about this exciting new hunger initiative:

Easter - great poster design idea for communicating a bunch of different service times and dates. nice. Christmas??

What an awesome and inspiring thing to do either as a small community project (like in a neighborhood, apartment complex, dorm, etc.) or as one just for personal use at home. Before I Die...(fill in the blanks w/ anything).

"God is Hungry" - An important blog post from 2012 FTE Fellow Jennifer Bailey. "The face of hunger in America is changing... "

"...remember that the role of a prophet is to, when necessary, provide faithful interruptions or disturbances to the fragile balance of our complex (and often incomplete) frameworks."

The Creative Pastor: great resource, offers plenty of freebie media for church/ youth ministry.

Full details for hosting a "fruits of the spirit" series of prayer stations

5 Ways You Can Innovate (Even in an Old Church)

7 Ways Innovative Ministries Empower the Church