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In this photo taken by William Tipton, 19th Massachusetts veterans and family members are shown at the dedication of a monument to the regiment at Gettysburg on Oct. 1, 1891. The monument is along Hancock Avenue, near the Copse of Trees. The 19th Massachusetts suffered 77 casualties at Gettysburg, including nine killed.

o brother where art thou

To protect the precious bulk of Winston Churchill in wartime a special one-man pressure chamber. was built for the personal plane which carried him many times across the Atlantic and to Casablanca, Moscow and Yalta. Churchill was warned by his doctors that it was dangerous for a man of his age and physical condition to fly above 8,000 feet. The solution was a pressure chamber complete with ash trays, telephone and an air-circulation system

The Walking Dead

Library of Congress | The 15 Best Historical Photo Collections You Should Be Following On Flickr

NASA, GRID SPHERE SATELLITE ECHO 1 1958: the inflated balloon satellite prototype. not used, but would've been a passive reflector of microwave signals for communication.

World War II, Japanese Surrender, Tokyo Bay, 2nd September 1945, Japanese Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu signs the surrender document on the USS 'Missouri' as Japan accepts defeat to end World War II (Photo by Paul Popper/Popperfoto/Getty Images)

514 Million Years Ago

Capt. James A. Symonds, presents former President Ronald Reagan's casket flag to former First Lady Nancy Reagan.

Downton Ladies: Daisy and Ms. Patmore

Downton Abbey - Mr Carson

Lord Grantham and His Faithful Companion Isis

" I've got a real , real bad feeling ...that my baby don't love me no more............ The Sky Is Crying- Stevie Ray Vaughan

On February 7th 1947, the Dead Sea Scrolls, which date from around 150 BC – AD 68, were discovered in some caves near the Jordan River. The 900 scrolls, which are made of leather and papyrus, make up three types of documents – texts from the Hebrew Bible, books from the Old Testament and documents including some poems and a book of community rules. They are considered of great religious and historical significance and are now kept in Jerusalem.

Lookit the screen: Ah, Vasquez Rocks State Park - just outside L.A. - where so many things were filmed on the big, tilted rocks.

Blood Vessels In The Human Body

Veins and blood vessels of the human body.

Periods can't be that bad...