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Craft Supply & Demand Revamp an armoire with wallpaper and ribbon trim. Adhere rectangles of wallpaper to the front of an armoire with decoupage medium. Trim the rectangles with ribbon to finish the look. Inside, this cabinet is ready for some serious crafting. Magnetic boards are attached to the inside of the doors, and pegboard covers the back.

Great Hang-Up Create an instant message center on an inner door panel with a simple bulletin board. Use the message board to post chore lists and cleaning tip sheets.

Cork added to window frames was used to create a spectacular bulletin board

Sunny Workstation Contain a whole home office inside an armoire with a few clutter-concealing solutions. An upper shelf corrals reference books and magazine holders. Essential supplies such as pencils, scissors, and notepads have a place on the desktop, too, all kept in order with desk organizers.

Stair-Step Bookshelf Be creative when selecting storage areas. Rather than turning automatically to built-in cabinets, consider using the space along the stairs, beside a knee wall, or between wall studs. Staggered bookshelves mimic the height of this staircase, creating a home library without an obtrusive appearance.

Wonder Wall: Basements often have large expanses of walls, which are perfect for wall units. This color-splashed storage unit instantly jazzes up the room. Open shelving keeps bright magazine holders and photo boxes visible, letting you see items at a glance. Grouping them by date or category makes organizing a cinch. Color-coordinated curtains bring a new level of interest to the piece while concealing contents that cannot fit below.

If your basement's surface area is in short supply, enlist vertical storage solutions to keep clutter at bay. Wall-mount shelves turn this narrow passageway into a highly functional space; they can stash heavy items, such as stacks of books and heavy bins, while organizing smaller office and crafting supplies for a tidy workstation.