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WHOA! Wine Bottle Tiki Torch Lamp, Hurricane Lantern, Outdoor Lighting, Oil Lamp, Garden or Deck Decor

The Creagioli Family Wood Fired DIY Brick Pizza Oven in Illinois - BrickWood Ovens

DIY: Wood Spice Rack Holder for inside the kitchen cabinets; Less than $8 to make, in 15 minutes using a Kreg Jig Jr. by @Jenna_Burger,

DIY Under-The-Cupboard Magnetic Spice Rack

Biodigester = Anaerobic Digester. Several ways to build a small home system. Utilized organic matter (manure/vegetable scraps) rots in a container w/out air to produce natural gas. Use the rotted solids in your garden and the liquid for organic irrigation and fertilizer. Store the gas in an innertube and use it for cooking.

Makeover an old wooden magazine holder to take control of your cake pans, pizza pans, muffin pans. Great idea!

WHOA!!! This is called a Swedish Flame. Make your cuts like you're cutting cake. Leave about 6 inches at the base. Throw some fuel oil in there (about a cap full). It burns up to two or three hours.

oakwood makeup brush holder

map collage owl, by 29blackstreet on @Etsy

Glass Bottle Cutting- You can soak a piece of yarn in nail polish remover, tie around bottle, light with a lighter, let burn all the way around for about 10-15 seconds then dip in bowl of cold water perfect spilt every time.

Glenn Jenkins home featured in Anthology issue no.10.

#diy Mason jar lights. Awesome.

tufa pots, easy to make with 3 parts peat moss, 3 parts sand or vermiculite and 2 parts cement, mix in a wheelbarrow, place a large handful of mixture in a plastic bucket, plant pot or free form in sand, shape into pot with sides about 1 inch thick, poke a hole in the bottom, let set to dry about 7 days, to reach full strenght it should set 28 days, fill with favorite outdoor plants