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OT Ideas

Ideas of stuff I want to use with my elementary school occupational therapy kids :) Occasionally other random OT related ones....

Love this idea...or the equivalent at least...

wait is this true?!!!! I think it's a lie!!!

Cool idea. "Jumbo Inflatable Ring Toss. Great for geriatrics and pediatrics OT."

“Kaleidoscope Painting” Paint the lid of a cup with black paint and use it to stamp overlapping circles. Once it dries, paint inside each shape with a different color.

Life hack for OT: Key ring help. Use stapler remover to hold key chain open to put on thick keys/protect manicure/etc

Make a unique craft for Valentine's Day - a love potato. "I have eyes only for you..." at www.missawesomene... for more details. :)

This links to an affirmation mp3 I had specifically made for my OT kids who almost all have low self-esteem.

Interesting, never thought about this. Former descrip says Use masking tape and hole punch a ziplock bag into student folders to hold library books and flash cards!

PLEASE DO THIS instead of using papers/tags! Ideally super small in upper hand corner opposite corner from dominant hand. Mostly helpful for staff coming in. Former descrip says: No more name plates on desks! Sharpie paint pens look so much neater than laminated name tags, which students pick at, peel off, and draw on. Comes off with an Expo dry erase marker and tissue at the end of the year. :)

Love it - would want to see that half the jump rope was duct taped a second color though so easier to see the contrast. Havent tried this but will. Former description says: teach a child to tie their shoes using a jump rope so they can see a larger view of what is happening.

My kids love bandaids and googly eyes, so this is possibly the coolest combination in the entire world. Is it wrong to hope people get sick so we can make these cards??? Kiddding.....kind of.....??? ;)

Cutting/fine motor/imagination: Occupational Therapy (OT) activity from www.missawesomene...

Never thought of this. Cool idea. must try. Posted by other: Use pipe cleaners to teach shoe tying instead of floppy shoelaces

  • Patricia Palomar

    Try it with two different colored pipe cleaners for better contrast!

  • Miss Awesomeness

    Oh yeah, duh. Yeah, that's like a biblical rule in my eyes - always contrast. Thanks for pointing that out for me!!!!

Love the idea of trying a version of this with elementary school kids, suggesting nice things... Posted by other: The Middle School Counselor: The Kindness Project: Making the School a More Beautiful Place. . .one bathroom at a time

I loooove this, the remembering that it's about a specific child. Posted by other: IEP, FAPE, IDEA, LRE, IEE and 504. Before stepping into this quagmire of acronyms and laws, check out the following articles:

Didn't read the article yet, but liked that the child appears to be using a "Wiki-Stix" or "Bendaroo" as a grip on the crayon. Also possible to use a rubber band.

Haven't tried it but looks cool. -quote - Amazing quicksand play dough - it is mold-able but turns to liquid when kids hands are still. This recipe for play requires just a couple i...

Haven't tried this but curious about it...Vision Therapy by Tap in Apps - practice skills to combat convergence insufficiency, amblyopia, double vision and visual/spatial difficulties- to try

Cool idea ----DIY Ball/Foam Pit for kids. Small plastic pool plus cut up pool noodles! Less than $15

??? hmmm Use a rubberband if you want to keep your door open. (For example, when you’re carrying groceries.)

Havent tried. Intrigued. Rubber band hack. Keep Apples from Turning Brown: Lunchbox Hack. Put a rubber band around it. How did I not think of this before?