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Math for Fifth Grade

Math items for fifth grade. Includes math games, printables, resources, math centers, math lessons and anything to make math fun and interesting for fifth grade. Enjoy!

Patterns - Numerical, Algebraic, and Geometrical Patterns Task Card and Poster Set for 4th-6th grade! This set is perfect for Scoot games, math centers, and independent practice. Includes teaching posters, Common Core posters, 32 task cards, answer key, and recording sheet. Can't wait to use this!

Looking for a way to make teaching Go Math or any Common Core aligned Math program easier? This bundled resource pack includes everything you need as a teacher to help you cover all your bases. This packet includes the Resource Packet for ALL 11 chapters for fifth grade. The kit has Common Core posters, "I Can" posters, essential question posters for every, single lesson, example posters, and all the review and new vocabulary cards and definitions for every chapter.

Factor and Multiple Flap Books - use to review factors and multiples. Place in math notebook if desired. $ Blog entry also lists online sites for exploring factors & multiples.

Project based learning: Create a personal budget - percent & decimal operations for 5th-6th grade

This bundle includes: ~PowerPoint lessons (99 slides) that breaks down the concept of customary and metric length, weight, and capacity. The lessons includes video links, a game link, pictures of the interactive notes that students should glue into notebooks, and a graphic organizer that makes converting units SIMPLE! ~Interactive Notes that follow along with the lessons ~Measuring Around the Room {Customary Length} worksheet ~Measuring Around the Room {Metric Length} worksheet and MORE!

Expressions, Variables, and Equations Lessons: I use this PowerPoint lesson to teach students about expressions, variables, and equations. It discusses various numeracy vocabulary words, and provides students with various opportunities to practice writing expressions and solving equations.

Order of Operations Lesson: I use this PowerPoint lesson to teach students about order of operations. It includes a review of expressions and equations, an introduction to PEMDAS with a variety of practice questions, and it also teaches students about PBBEMDAS (brackets and braces) in solving equations.

Students will have fun with this cut and paste percent puzzle! They will cut the 12 hexagons apart, solve the 23 percent sentences, and then match the questions to the answers. Check out the preview to see some of the sample questions. An answer key is included. CCSS 6.RP CCSS 7.RP

This is a set of 35 Bingo cards and over 30 different fraction illustrations.(both parts of a set and parts of a whole) My students beg to play, and while playing they'll simplify more fractions in this simple game than they would on any worksheet. Instructions for Bingo included. After playing Bingo once a few days later we reviewed again by racing to find answers. Both ways are a great review of Simplifying Fractions!

Students will complete the addition or subtraction operation on the projection and then cover the correct answer on their Bingo cards. My students beg to play, and while playing they'll complete more decimal operations in this simple game than they would on any worksheet. After playing Bingo once, a few days later we review again by racing to find answers. Both ways are a great review of adding and subtracting decimals!

Stamping with Legos onto craft foam. Love the geometry of this. I am once again amazed by the super-mom of Filth Wizardry!

"Mathematicians" anchor chart from Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons (good for 1st week of school).

Fabulous Finch Facts: Math Anchor Charts...use to make a sort for students (modifications, personal math textbook)

This is a fun piece of literature and is a great way to introduce or reinforce 3-D shapes! Includes a 3-D shape hunt FREEBIE!

Here is the ultimate list of math literature books! Check out all these fantastic pieces of children's literature that can be used in math class. Integrated teaching at it's best!

This back-to-school activity book will be a quick and fun way for you to learn more about your new students. There are times at the beginning of s...

5th Grade Common Core Math Vocabulary Word Wall and More - Math vocabulary is essential! Help your students master the math vocabulary from the Common Core Standards. This 125+ page printable packet contains a printable word wall, flash cards, and vocabulary flip booklets! The flip books are perfect for interactive math notebooks! $

Too many kids get #math-phobic as they get older. Here's how to keep your child passionate about math from kindergarten through high school. #preschool #math