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Math for Fifth Grade

Math items for fifth grade. Includes math games, printables, resources, math centers, math lessons and anything to make math fun and interesting for fifth grade. Enjoy!

Here's a terrific idea for using pattern blocks to teach symmetry.

You can use this game with random facts, addition, subtraction, times tables or all of the above! All I do is get popsicle sticks and write ...

Math Exit Slips - 5th Grade Common Core Formative assessment has never been easier! This bundled pack has 5 exit slips for each of the 5th grade Common Core Math Standards. Students complete exit slips before class ends and use them as the "ticket out the door". They are a powerful formative assessment tool that can be used to create a data driven classroom. $

Algebraic expressions hop-scotch

This is a FREE pdf file containing a picture of the interactive notes. There are two different practice worksheets included which require the students to use their notes. I have included a differentiated version of both the interactive notes and the practice worksheets for students with special needs. I used this with my all of my 5th graders and it was a huge success. Joy of Teaching -

Here's an anchor chart on models for multiplication and division. We have been working on this in class and the kids are really enjoying it!

[free poster!] Adding Fractions poster/anchor chart. The crisscross method for adding fractions.

This purchase contains 20 task cards, where students will create numbers using their place value knowledge. These task cards cover the common core ...

This place value pack contains a total of eighty-eight (88) task cards divided into two sets. The emphasis is for students to learn/practice their skills on place value specifically on the millions up to hundred billions places. This is perfect for Grade 5 but may also be used as a review material for Grade 6 and for more advanced Grade 4 students.$

This is a set of 35 Bingo cards and over 30 different fraction illustrations.(both parts of a set and parts of a whole) My students beg to play, and while playing they'll simplify more fractions in this simple game than they would on any worksheet. Instructions for Bingo included. After playing Bingo once a few days later we reviewed again by racing to find answers. Both ways are a great review of Simplifying Fractions!

Students will complete the addition or subtraction operation on the projection and then cover the correct answer on their Bingo cards. My students beg to play, and while playing they'll complete more decimal operations in this simple game than they would on any worksheet. After playing Bingo once, a few days later we review again by racing to find answers. Both ways are a great review of adding and subtracting decimals!

Teach Me How to do Math (Division Math Rap)...Anything that makes math fun is great in my book! This teacher is awesome!

Fifth Grade Common Core Lesson Plan Template with drop-down boxes. You can even customize the lesson plan format! All grade levels available

NEW! 36 weeks of Differentiated Multi-Step Math Word Problems now aligned to 5th Grade Common Core Standards. Includes Graphic Organizer to support students in solving and explaining problems. Save money by purchasing this bundle of 72 problems rather than buying each set separately.

This is daily math morning work for weeks 2 through 34 of the fifth grade school year. It covers and practices All of the common core objectives for fifth grade math along with reviewing some objectives from 3rd and 4th grade that fosters a deeper understanding of the fifth grade math objectives. $