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Math for Preschool

Math items for Preschool. Includes math games, printables, resources, math centers, math lessons and anything to make math fun and interesting for preschool. Enjoy! Contributors - Please pin at least 1 FREE idea or resource for every paid item.

Halloween is an exciting time for kids. They love dressing up as their favorite character. And, of course, there is the candy that is big part of Halloween. The fun can begin with this Halloween Fun With Colors Variety Worksheet Set. This Halloween Fun With Colors contains 26 pages of a variety of worksheets as follows; Color Matching, Trace the Lines, Color Identification, Ordinal Number, Counting, What Comes Next , What Doesn’t Belong, Count the Black Cats, Addition, Subtraction, Mazes

FREE-With this Sampler you will receive three (3) worksheets from my Halloween Fun With Color Variety Worksheet Set.. The Full version of Halloween Fun With Colors Variety Worksheet set contains 26 pages. Enjoy this Sampler with your students. All I ask in return is to please click on the ★ above to "Follow Me” to receive updates on new products and free downloads. Thank you, Rose.

Activities to follow up the book Lunch by Denise Fleming. Graph headers for pocket chart, cover and choices for inner pages for class book, taste test before and after graphs, painting craft, fruit and vegetable sorting cards, and story sequencing. TpT $

Free-Count and Clip Cards. Students can practice their counting skills with this Spring count and clip math center activity. Students will count the spring item and clip a clothes pin on the correct number. This set makes 20 Count and Print Cards. Print out the pages, laminate, and cut out the count and clip cards. You will need 20 clothespins for this activity. Or, if you prefer, students can use dry erase markers to circle the correct number. .

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons! May use to talk about size of the problem, anxiety/ worry/positive attitude

15 graphs about food, each as a projectable graph and as pocket chart headers. Ready to print and go! TpT $

NUMBER RHYMES WITH A BEAT! Play a rollicking GROUP COUNTING GAME with your kids! Practice SEQUENCING NUMBERS 1-12, using ONE-TO-ONE CORRESPONDENCE! Make the learning '3-D'! Sing a funny familiar-tune SONG, with a rhyme for each number. LOLLIPOP TEMPLATES for numbers 1-12 are provided. Gather a few classroom blocks and toy animals. Then add rhythm, fun, and . . . ONE MORE! (13 pages) From Joyful Noises Express TpT! $

Preschool- Fall Activities Need: Construction Paper: brown, red, orange, yellow, white *skills: matching numerals, one-to- one correspondence, patterns,

October is Fire Safety Month. This Fire Safety Counting Fun Cut and Paste set can be used to teach students about the danger of Fire and how to be safe. This Fire Safety Counting Cut and Paste can be used as part of Thematic Unit. This 18 page set consists of the following; Number Matching, Counting, Addition, Subtraction, Ordinal numbers, Which Is More?, Which Is Less?, Fire Safety board Games.

$ Estimation, measuring (non-standard), sorting, and graphing are all included in this product and is scaffolded for non-readers to second grade! FUN, FUN, FUN!! Reco...

"COUNTING CATS!" - HALLOWEEN MATH FUN! Work with Number Recognition 1-20, Number Sequencing, and One-to-One Correspondence. Learn a funny RHYME with a great rhythm pattern! Use my Friendly Black Cat Number Template as kid Game Boards for the Counting Game. Then turn the boards into a CRAFT ACTIVITY, with the little cats doing a sequential Halloween March across a kid-created picket fence. Halloween Math with a 'beat'! (9 pages) From Joyful Noises Express TpT! $

***FREE*** This is a set of wall posters for numbers 0-10 featuring 10-frames graphic organizers and an Apple/Fall theme.

Hands-on activity includes 10 mats, each with coordinating engaging themed manipulatives to teach the concept of number from 0-5 to early learners. Directions for differentiated learning and various ways to use the activity. $

Everybody loves trees. Some provide shade; some provide food and some shelter for birds. Students can have fun cutting and pasting while practicing various skills. This Trees For All Seasons Worksheet set consists of the following worksheets; Color Matching What Comes Next Letter-upper case, low case Matching Shape Matching Number Matching Counting Addition Subtraction Which is one is different Which group has more? Which group has less? Count the trees