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Math for Preschool

Math items for Preschool. Includes math games, printables, resources, math centers, math lessons and anything to make math fun and interesting for preschool. Enjoy!

These coloring pages help teach pre-K, K, Special Education, Autism-Teaching children about colors. There are 20 pages with pictures, 2 pages for e...

Coloring pages: Most children like to color. This packet combines picture coloring with the fun of cut and paste. It consists of 19 coloring pages with two pictures per page. Each picture has a cut and paste square that the student cuts out and pastes next to the matching picture. The student then colors the picture.

Play Dough Math Mats - Number Sense - Tens Frames - Tallies from Shifting Teacher K-2 on - - I made these mats for my kids to practice their number sense skills in a fun way. Using play dough, they will be able to represent the number in 3 different ways (number, tens frame, tallies). My hope is to create other ways for them to use play dough a

Number Sense Fun 1-10 Unit Common Core Aligned from 123kteach on - - This is perfect for the beginning of the school year as you teach number sense to your students. This unit includes 40 worksheets along with goals, lessons, posters and Common Core Standards

This is a set of cards featuring the numbers 1-10. Skills being practiced are: counting, number recognition, linking a numeral with a set of items, hand-eye coordination, and fine hand muscle control.

This is a set of large cut and paste numbers for a Back to School theme, 1-12, plus a drawing page about the topic. Cut out the pictures at the bottom of each page, and paste the appropriate number of them onto the large numeral.

Numbers Bow Ties or Bows for numbers 1-20. A fun, hands-on way to practice numbers.

Children of all ages love seeing the animals at the zoo. You can bring the zoo animals to them with this Bundle of 5 products. Let’s Go To The Zoo Bundle consists of the following products; Let’s Go To The Zoo Cut and Paste Worksheet set Counting Skills At Zoo Cut and Paste Zoo Animal Puzzles Let’s Have Fun At The Zoo File Folder Games Counting to 12 At The Zoo Little Book WOW! 120 pages of fun activities for your students. AND, you will love the savings at over 20% off!

Students will love feeding the monster some cookies as they learn about numbers. This is a great hands on activity. Simply attach these monsters to square tissue boxes and have fun counting and solving math problems. This product also comes with a few follow up worksheets.

Grab spectacular savings at the Back to School Boost Sale. Save 28% off my entire store including bundle packs on Aug. 20th. Have a great school year!

Students will create this adorable Kinder-Garden as they count, read number words and sequence the flower pots in order. This makes a terrific math center activity which is perfect for the spring. You will also receive a recording sheet to go along with this activity.Enjoy! #numbers #counting

The Hungry Goat Smart Board, Game Board 7 Printables. Students will practice even and odd numbers, capital and small letter, vowels and consonants, rhyming words addition and subtraction problems to ten.

Jack and Jill and all of your Kindergarten students will enjoy these Nursery Rhymes while practicing number skills!

Hi, Included in this packet are: 1 August Calendar Header (English and Spanish) 1 September Calendar Header (English and Spanish) 31 Calendar Pieces (plus Happy Birthday and Labor Day) 1 August Book Tally Sheet (English and Spanish) 1 September Book Tally Sheet (English and Spanish) 2 Editable Newsletter Forms (just insert a text box or Word Art) Enjoy!

ACTIVE MATH GROUP GAME FOR COUNTING BY 2'S! Let's take a "RIDE ON THE SCHOOL BUS!", for MULTI-SENSORY MATH LEARNING! Celebrate that bus ride experience! Create a School Bus right in your classroom! A big stuffed animal will serve as your Bus Driver, and your kids will get great hands-on experience in COUNTING BY 2'S! Learn a funny rhyming familiar-tune SONG, and line up your classroom chairs. THE SCHOOL BUS IS COMING! (7 pages) More MATH ACTION from Joyful Noises Express TpT! $

Fire Safety Bundle: October is Fire Safety month. This Fire Safety Bundle can be used to teach students about the danger of Fire and how to be safe not only in October but all year round. It contains four Fire Safety products as follow; Fire Safety Cut and Paste Worksheet set Fire Safety File Folder Games Fire Safety Cut and Paste Puzzles Fire Safety Count to 20 Count and Clip Cards You will receive 80+ pages of worksheets to make learning about Fire Safety fun at over 20% off regular price.

Birds-Original Photos Cut and Paste Puzzles-P-K, K Special Education, Autism-I created this Birds-Original Photos Cut and Paste puzzles set to go with my Feather Friends Cut and Paste Worksheet packet and Feather File Folder Games packet . Students will enjoy these 20 puzzles featuring original photos of birds taken by me around my neighbor here in Iowa.

In Birthday Bulletin Board, by the2teachers, you will receive 27 pages to help you celebrate birthdays in your classroom. Just add backing paper a...

Explore numbers 1-10 in many different ways. Preschool, pre-k, and special ed. - multi-sensory and differentiated

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    Awesome! The only thing missing is a game or two that teaches counting and number sense. I have several pinned.