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Math for Preschool

Math items for Preschool. Includes math games, printables, resources, math centers, math lessons and anything to make math fun and interesting for preschool. Enjoy!

Shape Playdoh Mats: students roll playdoh into snakes to form each shape then trace the shape word with a dry erase marker...can also be used for shape posters by Pocket of Precshool

This is a set of school bus number order cards to make a center, or for a small group learning activity for early learners. Also included is a cut and paste follow up activity in b/w.


Task Cards - Tally Marks Set includes 60 color coded task cards for counting tally marks and recording sheet. Task cards have many uses in the classroom. They are great for early finishers, center activities or a game of Scoot. Just print and laminate

Strong counting skills will help students progress to a strong math foundation.This in turn benefits them as they advance through the grades. With Halloween Counting Games students can practice their counting skills while having fun. This packet consists of four board games and two file folder games as follows: Simple Counting Board Game Counting Board Game with bonus and penalty squares. Spinner Board Game Round Game Board using dice Counting witches’ hats 1-10 Sorting Jack-O- Lanterns by size

This assortment of pages will help children with the concept of patterns using a variety of colorful fruit. Using these letter and legal size papers, students can cut and glue the correct fruit to finish a pattern, repeat model patterns using manipulatives, and extend incomplete patterns by drawing or using manipulatives.

Kissing Hand: The Kissing Hand is such a great book for back to school! Students will practice visual discrimination, fine motor skills and math counting skills (1-10) with this 10-page activity packet! On each page, students will find, color, and count the indicated nocturnal animal. Each page requires the students to color a different animal.

Most children are eager to help with chores around the house. It makes them feel important and helpful. This Can I Help? Packet of 25 cut and paste life skill worksheets features various chores around their homes. This packet will help the student recognize those various basic life skills and practice their fine motor skills while having fun.

Practice sequencing with this Mr. Potato Head activity

Just add dough and let the fun begin! Your students will instantly be engaged in this hands-on activity and not even realize they’re learning. But they are! They’re developing valuable number sense skills and learning that numbers are represented in lots of different ways.

ACTIVE MATH GROUP GAME FOR COUNTING BY 2'S! Let's take a "RIDE ON THE SCHOOL BUS!", for MULTI-SENSORY MATH LEARNING! Celebrate that bus ride experience! Create a School Bus right in your classroom! A big stuffed animal will serve as your Bus Driver, and your kids will get great hands-on experience in COUNTING BY 2'S! Learn a funny rhyming familiar-tune SONG, and line up your classroom chairs. THE SCHOOL BUS IS COMING! (7 pages) More MATH ACTION from Joyful Noises Express TpT! $

This Community Helpers bundle will help the students recognize the community helpers they see in their lives. This Bundle features community helpers that are important in almost all of our lives. Products include; Our Community Helpers Cut and Paste Worksheets, Our Community Helpers File Folder Games, Community Helpers Count To 20 Count and Clip Cards, Community Helpers Cut and Paste Puzzles. WOW! That is over 95 pages of fun activities . AND, you will love the savings at over 20% off

NUMBER RHYME TIME! SEQUENCE NUMBERS 1-12, IDENTIFY CLOCK NUMBERS, and make a MOUSE CRAFT! Math should be ACTIVE fun! Learn an easy 7-note SONG and some great NUMBER RHYMES! Mouse Templates, 12 Clock Number Card Templates, and Song Notes are all included. Just add a Clock, and have some MULTI-SENSORY GROUP GAME fun! (12 pages) From Joyful Noises Express TpT! $

Back to school freebie! Shape books in the shape of a school bus, apple, crayon box and schoolhouse! So sweet :) Includes lined paper in the same s...

A Cupcake for the Teacher: Rainbow Roll-N-Write {Freebie}

These cards are designed to target the needs of the ELL student. The cards have direct instruction scripts for you to copy on the back of the cards. These scripts give the students a repetitive format to help them internalize the new vocabulary. The scripts allows English fluent students to be peer-teachers. A method of teaching and recognizing numbers to 100 is provided. Teach your lower primary or ELL newcomers to count and recognize numbers to 100 in one week.

Math Concepts - Count On from a Given Number

This cut and paste worksheet set, Back To School Number Tracing, will help the student learn to write, read and count from 1-10. Each page features a number. It allows the student to count the objects on the page, trace the number, then cut out the number and paste it in the right box.

Question of the Day: Laminate pictures to use each day for different graphing.