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Math for Preschool

Math items for Preschool. Includes math games, printables, resources, math centers, math lessons and anything to make math fun and interesting for preschool. Enjoy!

Kindergarten Back to School Math & Literacy Worksheets and Activities. 135 pages. A page from the unit: Number match cut and paste

Learning the alphabet is the first and most important step in learning how to read. After this skill is in place, students are ready for the next step in learning how to master reading. This Alphabet Bundle consists of 5 products to help the student achieve this goal. The products are as follows; Alphabet Cut and Paste Worksheets Alphabet Two Piece Puzzles Upper Case Letter Tracing Little Book of ABCs Alphabet Cut and Paste Puzzles WOW! 150+ pages of Alphabet activities for over 20% off.

This is a set of 10 printables for early learners focusing on the skill of shape recognition. 10 shapes - circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, rhombus, heart, star, pentagon, hexagon. Children stamp or color the featured shapes on each page. $1

This is a set of school bus number order cards to make a center, or for a small group learning activity for early learners. Also included is a cut and paste follow up activity in b/w.

Back To School Bundle: 20% Savings.There is always excitement when it is time for school to start. New clothes, new school supplies and seeing friends make it fun. This Back To School Bundle gives students the opportunity to refresh the skills they will need in the upcoming school year. It consists of 4 products; Getting Ready For School Cut and Paste Big, Small, Short, Tall and More Back To School Fun Back To School Count to 20 Count and Clip Getting Ready For School File Folder Games

Two Preschool Math Activities with Duplo Legos. The oil change pan with magnets is inspired!

I like the idea of removing the wooden numbers from the puzzle and using them for counting activities.

This product has everything you need to create a year’s worth of Work Samples for your Preschoolers to document their growth and skill development.

FREE: This checklist is to be used with our "Preschool Portfolio: Math" product.

This is a collection of four interactive number/shape books, each of which covers a range of 5 numbers, so that the whole collection goes from 1 to 20. You can omit some of the book covers to make 1 larger book or folder. The pages follow a pattern of predictable text, with printed sentences, lines to practice writing the sentences, and shapes to color in.

lot of preschoolers mix up day and night. They love to say last night, meaning yesterday. The Day or Night? Cut and Paste worksheet set uses daytime and nighttime graphics to teach the basics and to help the young students learn the concept of day and night. Day Or Night? Cut and Paste Worksheet set consists of the following: • Color Matching • What Comes Next • Letter-upper case, low case Matching • Shape Matching • Number Matching • Counting • Addition • Subtraction • What Belongs Where

This is a set of 12 color sorting jars/mats (6 full page and 6 half page size), plus a set of pictures to match to each, and 2 differentiated cut and paste booklets to make about colors. The colors featured are red, blue, yellow, green, purple and orange. 27 pages

Play "THE MONEY GAME" with your group! This might be the most fun you ever had with One Dollar! Play a funny GROUP GAME about a 'shopping experience' where One Dollar gets spent-- in all its various combinations! Your kids will even HEAR what One Dollar sounds like, for MULTI-SENSORY LEARNING! Your kids will do great 'moves' with their ONE-TO-ONE CORRESPONDENCE as they count! Math can be ACTIVE learning! (5 pages) And the cost to you? ONE DOLLAR! From Joyful Noises Express TpT! $

NUMBER RHYME TIME! SEQUENCE NUMBERS 1-12, IDENTIFY CLOCK NUMBERS, and make a MOUSE CRAFT! Math should be ACTIVE fun! Learn an easy 7-note SONG and some great NUMBER RHYMES! Mouse Templates, 12 Clock Number Card Templates, and Song Notes are all included. Just add a Clock, and have some MULTI-SENSORY GROUP GAME fun! (12 pages) From Joyful Noises Express TpT! $

Fall is a fun time of the year. The Fall air is crisp and fall means falling leaves. Practicing their counting skills with this fall Counting Fun With Autumn Leaves Cut and Paste worksheet packet will make learning fun. It consists of 17 worksheets with fall related graphic as follows; Fall Leaf Match the numbers Fall Leaf Counting Fall Leaves Addition Fall Leaves Subtraction Fall Leaves in the Wheelbarrow Fall Match the Number Of Fall Leaves to the Right Tree

Here's an idea: A selection of 30 FREE clipart sets for back-to-school or year-round use. I LOVE clipart and want you to check out some new artists and new sets I've discovered. They're all free at this moment.

Strong counting skills will help students progress to a strong math foundation. This in turn benefits them as they advance through the grades. Practicing their counting skills with this Counting Fun With Apples Cut and Paste worksheet packet will make it fun. It consists of 17 worksheets as follows; Match the numbers Count the Apples Count the Apples Add the Apples Subtract the Apples Apples in the Basket Match the Number to the Right Tree

This is a simplified Transportation Count the Room activity for early learners (numbers 1-10), with 4 differentiated recording pages. It can also be used as a small group teaching activity. 21 pages

Jungle Jaunt Count and Clip Cards (Sets to 12) $ Use the cards in a dollar store photo album to make a dry erase activity. #jungle #counting #zebra www.teacherspayte...