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Math for Sixth Grade

Math items for sixth grade. Includes math games, printables, resources, math centers, math lessons and anything to make math fun and interesting for sixth grade. Enjoy!

Contains 95 lesson plans that cover the entire sixth grade math common core curriculum. Our units are where you ALSO get our vocabulary quizzes, study guides and unit tests that assess specifically what is required in the core. Scope and sequence is defined for the whole year for less planning!

Help your students master the math vocabulary from the Common Core Standards. This 100+ page printable packet contains a printable word wall, flash cards, and vocabulary flip booklets! Available for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades! $

PEMDAS - Order of Operations Video/Song. GREAT (and very catchy) way to teach the Order of Operations. Not corny or babyish so they'll listen.

Math centers: introduction to polyhedra - nets, prisms vs. pyramids, vertices, edges, and faces

Circumference and area of a Circle and Coordinate Graphing

Fractions and Food: Hands on Math Ideas (Blog Post) Teach about representations of fractions, and fraction number lines with graham crackers!

This 20 Area and Perimeter Word Problem Task Card resource is very unique. It can be utilized in a clue gathering, puzzle solving, highly active and engaging activity for those learning how to solve Area and Perimeter Word Problems or as an alternative to worksheet review for older students. Do you use Math Workshops in your class? These would be perfect! This activity covers the Common Core Math Standard - 4.MD.A.1, 4.MD.3, 4.MD.A.3

This product offers an innovative, straightforward, easy-to-teach, five-step method to critically evaluate and solve fraction word problems! Structured as a complete 7-10 day unit, it consists of warm-up activities, guided notes pages, and worksheets with detailed keys that progressively increase in difficulty and enable students to solve sophisticated problems using all four operations.

This product takes students through 3 - 5 days of dimensional analysis, teaching them how to convert various measures and rates of increasing complexity. It can be used either in middle school math classes to address common core standards related to ratios, rates, and moving between different units, or in high school chemistry/physics courses to review the basics of dimensional analysis before diving into more complex science problems. A great resource for an often under-emphasized concept!

Apply PEMDAS correctly, make your goalposts as you evaluate numerical expressions, draw your “V” for “victory”, raise your hands in the air, and conquer order of operations once and for all. This product contains a series of activities, guided notes pages, worksheets, and mastery tests, culminating in an exciting competition, that generate enthusiasm while teacher students to evaluate expressions in the correct order. Works well in any late elementary or middle school math class.

Magnet races are similar to good old-fashioned board races with chalk and are loads of fun! CCSS: 5.NBT CCSS: 6.NS

120 task cards will provide your students with lots of practice! This is differentiation made easy! These cards are separated into six categories with 20 equations in each. This will allow you and your students to focus on specific skills while using a variety of types of numbers (integers, fractions, decimals). CCSS 7.EE CCSS 8.EE CCSS A-REI

This activity allows for differentiation because TWO sets of partner activities are included. The first “Partner Power” version (labeled #1 and #2) consists of simpler questions. The other “Partner Power” version (labeled *1 and *2) is more challenging. Each page has twelve problems for the student to solve and will require students to add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers. CCSS 7.NS

What every math teacher needs!!! You can never say it enough if you are a math teacher! No work ... no credit! You might as well hang a poster. :) Four eye-catching styles are included in JPG format.

This is a set of 35 Bingo cards and over 30 different fraction illustrations.(both parts of a set and parts of a whole) My students beg to play, and while playing they'll simplify more fractions in this simple game than they would on any worksheet. Instructions for Bingo included. After playing Bingo once a few days later we reviewed again by racing to find answers. Both ways are a great review of Simplifying Fractions!

Fine Motor Friday, Chapter 44 Parquetry Blocks, Design + Symmetry at RainbowsWithinReach. Art meets MATH!

Real Life Bad at Math Pictures! These are great to show your students to let them find the error.