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Funny Warning Signs

Find even more funny warning signs at

What an incredibly specific warning sign! (via

Liable to Pee Themselves | Funny Sign Pictures

Clothes Will Be Removed???

Clothes Will Be Removed? | Funny Sign Pictures

I'm afraid to ask why they had to put this sign up in the first place... (via

Make Sure Elevator Is There | Funny Sign Pictures

Don’t Say No to Drugs? Colorado's new slogan!

What’s wrong with just using the bathroom? (find more funny photos at

Pee Where? | Funny Sign Pictures

I’m not sure what this means… but it doesn’t sound good.

Violators Will Be Trespassed | Funny Sign Pictures

OK, I’ll admit it… I’m confused. Anyone know what this is about?

Except for Guide Dinosaurs | Funny Sign Pictures

He just couldn't cope with what George Lucas did with those prequels…. (find more funny photos on

Well... DUH.....

No Swimming If You Can’t Swim | Funny Sign Pictures

Well that's not a sign you see everyday... (find more funny photos at

Danger | Funny Sign Pictures

Alright Pinterest... another mystery sign. Any ideas what this one could be about?

Fork in Back? | Funny Sign Pictures

Alright Pinterest, any guess what this sign could possibly be about?

Mystery Sign | Funny Sign Pictures
  • Funny Signs

    All good guesses!!!

  • Andi Zorn

    Could be a picnic table with wheels... portable picnic tables? Things like this drive me nuts

  • Funny Signs

    Supposedly it's the sign for a 2 spigot fire hydrant. Photo taken in Canada. Thanks for the guesses everyone. We'll do another one of these later this week.

  • Naisargi Buch

    a guy with no legs hanging upside down and looking at his reflection on the mirror.

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Note to self: Stay away from Pololu Trail, Hawaii. (find more funny signs at

Most Dangerous Place in America? | Funny Sign Pictures

Excellent advice... (find more signs at

Do Not Breathe Under the Water | Funny Sign Pictures

Even Tom Hanks is confused by this… (find more funny signs at

Caution: Heavy Plant Crossing | Funny Sign Pictures

Darwin strikes again... (find more on

That Is Natural Selection | Funny Sign Pictures

IMPOSSIBLE!!! (find more funny street signs at

It’s a Trap! | Funny Sign Pictures

No Riding Triceratops!!! (find more funny warning signs at

No Riding Triceratops | Funny Sign Pictures

Is this sign speaking to Softballs? Pretty sure they can't read... (find more funny signs at

Warning, Park at Own Risk, Softballs | Funny Sign Pictures