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Holiday Cookie Swap

Get out the coffee and hot cocoa, it's time for a cookie swap! Invite your favorite girlfriends to bring a dozen or so cookies, then taste them all while sipping coffee and playing a few games. Everyone goes home with a few of their favorites and tons of recipes to bake!

Cookies for Santa Cookie Swap game - match each country with the cookie or sweet that originated there. Printable Christmas games.

Printable Cookies For Santa

Cookie Jar Cookie Swap game - match clues to a type of cookie. Printable Christmas game.

Printable What's In The Cookie Jar?

Right & Left Passing game to find out who gets to keep which plate of cookies! Christmas gift passing game.

Printable Right & Left Frosty The Snowman Game

christmas cookies

Gluten-Free Decadent Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies