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Santa Hat Office Party

Planning for an office Christmas party, or a party with just the adults.

Santa Hat Game You’ll need everyone to be wearing a hat, so ask everyone prior to the party to wear a Santa hat. This game is based on observation. The objective is NOT to be the last person left with a hat on. At the start announce the simple objective, the only rule is that no one can take their hat off until you (the hostess) have. Let another game or conversation take place, and as time goes by, people will take their attention off you, and even forget the game is happening. Eventually, remove your hat and watch as people catch on. Gradually the hats will come off, amidst snickers and smirks. Some unsuspecting person (who’s probably busy boring everyone with a hopeless story) will be last to notice, and much to every ones mirth, this person is the loser. Serve up an appropriate forfeit, get the hats back on and give the loser the chance to start the next game.