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The personification of Energy in a bespoke ensemble. Rigorously quantified 3-D info-graphics shaped like shoes, representing actual energy footprints. In honor of the Energy Cinderella Project - - we're looking for shoe and fashion designs with an energy "footprint" theme. What does a wind power shoe look like? A solar shoe? Hydropower? Nuclear fission? Fusion? And ballgowns to match.

A Reality Check on Renewables: A British physicist discusses the numbers behind using renewable resources, the amount of space that would be needed at our current consumption rates, as well as a comparison of the consumption rate of different countries vs. population vs. land area.

Bird cage Charlotte Olympia. At first they looked like Christmas lights that might go off as you walk.

Glass slipper. Clear kayak. Great environment. footprint conscious.

Festivities to include: Dandelion fireworks. Because you can't run an economy on dandelion power.

I'm repinning this, but what is the origin? Let me know! Per pin: "I made the Dawn Treader out of pages from my Narnia books that were falling apart from being loved too much" This is so cool!

incredible - transparent wings. To go with your glass slippers.

Carpenters Workshop Gallery - LondonParis Studio Job, Taj Mahal Table. Why footprint project? This evokes the treasure below ground. Oil and gold. We seem to want to burn the oil up as fast as we can. Why? It can be used for many centuries to make valuable things.

The Great Harrods Exodus by MarpLondon - The footprint of fossil fuels includes conflict with Middle Eastern countries over oil resources.

Dress So Chic You Can See It From Space. Limited Edition NASA Telescope & Satellite Images Printed on Silk. No borders or political boundaries can be seen from space. WE ARE ONE. *We ship everywhere.*

For when Roger Rabbit is your date. Red heels. Pinned on behalf of Pink Pad, the women's health mobile app with the built-in community

Shoe types infographic.

The Shoes Appreciation Society | Shoe | Style

Steampunk shoes - Awesome! Pumping oil out of the ground with every step. Cinderella Project

Nicholas Kirkwood Spring 2013 Collection | Tom & Lorenzo - This makes me think of fracking. But also of eddies of tidal power. Or wind. Evokes so much. Cinderella Project

Loewe fall 13 - coal power - needs scrubbers. Cinderella Project Inspiration

Paris Shoe of the Day: Loewe