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Homeschool Sweet Homeschool

I started homeschooling my oldest daughter Alayna and we LOVE it! It's been such a blessing and a Fun, Energetic, and Freeing way to live, learn, and educate!

Looking for ways to make your homeschool day much EASIER? Check out these checklists!

You can use electricity to split hydrogen gas out of the water similar to the process called electrolysis.

Water science for kids - Learn about water in a hands on way with experiments, art, literature and more.

Writing Folder - Resource Tool for Aspiring Authors!

American Heritage Girls Cake @Sarah Chintomby Hardy a lady that we met at Camporee last year, is making this for our Stars & Stripes Ceremony! EEEE!!!! It will cost, but still.... It's a lot of cake!!

Homeschool unit studies that match up with American Heritage Girls and Boy Scout badges. A little pricey, but any of my friends want to use these together and split the cost? They're meant to be used once a week, so as not to disrupt your other curricula.

Lapbook Lessons began in 2008 when we were first introduced to lapbooking. We started the site to share photos of the different lapbooks we were making at home, as well as printable files for others to use.

Ocean Boxes (dioramas) for Apologia Zoology 2 Swimming Creatures --| I Choose Joy!

Whales from rocks. #Apologia swimming creatures

Whale of a Time | Doodles and Jots

Homeschool science botany project. Reuse a rotisserie chicken container as a mini greenhouse! Apologia botany #homeschool

Pollination Lesson- Kids put their bee's legs (fingers) into the bag and get pollen (cheeto dust) on their legs and then wipe it onto the next flower (on the outside of the next bag) they visit.

The Secret to a Sound Ocean. Whales are auditory creatures, meaning hearing is essential to their communication, navigation, feeding, and breeding. When container ships, oil tankers, and other large vessels travel through waters that are populated by whales, the ships produce noise that disrupts the whales' activities and everyday life. Fun resource for Apologia Swimming Creatures, Apologia Zoology